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Ascended Byakko is too weak
As spoken, the Youkai doesn't seem to be doing good enough to rival its Eastern counterpart even on basic levels. It just looks cool, but dies too fast, and even if they're still alive, its role is just... exist. The roar's enhanced effect tickles, and Thunder Claw, for being physical damage, doesn't really do as much damage. Despite the fact they also get no damage steroids like Seiryuu's Hunted stat, which severely sets them back as a choice for ascension.

So, I have a small proposal to mend that, make them more interesting if not dependable. The Youkai looks so cool, it sucks that its power doesn't make it all that worth, so:

Ascended Byakko

Seal of West+
- Grants +30% Evasion damage reduction for Byakko.
- Grants +30% Evade for Byakko only.
- Changes Roar and Thunder Claw’s effects.
- For players, grants Roar. (In case of a future Tessen potential being added. Not necessary.)

- Inflicts and refreshes an increasing debuff that reduces Lightning resistance by 5% for 3 rounds. (Max 25%)

Thunder Claw
- Inflicts and refreshes an increasing debuff that reduces Lightning resistance by 10% for 3 rounds. (Max 25%)
"Show me what you've got, Snake!"
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As a user of both ascended youkai right now, I can confirm Byakko is incredibly underwhelming.

Its base youkai form was already pitiful, in comparison to not only Seiryuu, but the other feline youkai, Kilkenny.

Thunder claw's damage, when used by Byakko himself is pitiful, and takes someone building way into 100+ lightning atk to see anything resembling damage if they use it as an evoke skill rather than summoning.
Roar is... Well, minimal damage, tiny AoE, and the actual buff it gives Byakko does NOTHING for him.
There's no DoT, which Seiryuu has, and a beefy one at that.

Overall, for what is the absolute best looking of the youkai, there is currently zero reason to run Byakko other than for theme. Both ascended, and not.
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