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New Monk skill suggestions
The skills below are two-folded, you use once to prepare, and then for its short duration, you use again like an Invocation to execute them. The ideas come from those classic shounen moves, Rasengan and Chidori. Could be nice to have them in Monk, since the class kind of needs more things tied to it.

Swirling Vortex
6M to prepare.
3M to use.

An orb of wind swirls on your palm. Slamming it against an enemy in 1 range will make a massive burst of wind be released, knocking the enemy back for 5 tiles in the direction you are facing, and then exploding into a vortex of Wind magic damage, while spawning Air Shafts in an AoE.

Lightning Thrust
6M to prepare.
3M to use.

Lightning engulfs your fists, making strikes extremely deadly. Dash in a straight line, dealing lightning damage to every single enemy hit. The effect has a chance to critically hit based on your Ki.
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I'm upvoting this, these moves are cold and if not directly translated in game, their general design/the ideas behind them are unique. It would be nice to see these as potential alternative's to Setting Sun for the Monks 'Finishing Move' sort of thing, and if any class should have multiple cool finishing moves it should be the one based on emulating cool anime moves?

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