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Opinion on Opinion on the current state of SL2 as a RP game Post
So, it's been a few weeks. A lot of shit's been said. A lot of shit's been called out. A lot of people have been called out so...

What did we learn? What was accomplished? Real talk here... did anything really change?

Ya' boi looking for your hot takes, your spicy memes, and most importantly... tell folks your SL2 new years resolutions. Man I know this type of shit's as useless as real goddamn new years resolutions that most people don't do fuck all to really act on after the first two to three weeks buuuuuut-

Hell maybe if you post some public stuff about what you're looking to do to improve the situation of the community or just change up your playstyle, maybe the risk of horrific public shaming from getting called out when you ain't putting up and showing up'll motivate you folks enough to stay on the path, you feel?
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the shi Tongue out of it!
You know, a lot has been said here. First of all, I'd like to thank Damycles for saying my point for me, in a more clear, concise and coherent manner than I will write down in the following paragraphs.

First of all, I am not at fault here. I have made my point clearer than everyone, and I have been more coherent than everyone else here, and I also have done nothing wrong at all in my life and I am not guilty of any sin, I am in fact a saint and everyone should aspire to be me. Now, these people who aren't me are being hypocritical, posting their walls of text about how everyone else should pick up on THEIR slack, and that THEY are the ones that suffer for what the other people are doing, and that's a seriously big problem. Dev should handle this by segregating the community into two parts; the side I like, and the side that's bad for the game.

Now that's out of the way, yes, I'd like to mention the hot takes. The hot takes are pretty bad, like, so bad that the heat comes from the turds, not from the heat of any furnace, and anyone who made the hot takes besides me is completely full of these turds, to be honest it's a surprise they didn't get flushed down the toilet.

This brings us to the point about toxicity.
You see, I'm a paragon of kindness in the community, but I see so many awful, terrible people, being all toxic and insulting people. This is seriously awful, and this drives people away from the community. These living sacks of human filth should not show their faces in polite society, let alone our lovely, precious, holy and pure community (that is being ruined by these people that play OOCly and people I don't like).

Now, about people posting about what they're gonna do. You see, these people who do that and don't do anything are very, very awful, and lazy. It's like they expect Dev to pick up after them, rather than do as they're going to say and actually encourage a pleasant, engaging roleplaying experience. If I were in their place, I would not only post what I was going to do, but I will do that right away. In fact, I'm typing up my resolution on the Opinion on the current state of SL2 as a RP game right now, and will post it milliseconds after I post this.

So yeah, as you can read, this is why people who are not me should work on themselves to improve SL2, and Dev should remove the concept of OOC from SL2 forever to ensure a living, breathing SL2 world, but also he should remove houses because they're stupid and they only encourage people to stay inside their bunkers, and people should not be so afraid to die unlike me I just don't have time to get into conflict because people don't do them nearby while I'm on.
My past haunts me every day, and it's the form of a journal I can't let go of.
Alright boys and girls. Let's start with big papi Damy over here. Now those of you who know me clearly understand that I am obviously god's gift to RP itself. I mean come on, how can you dare look at my work and think perfection needs improvement, am I right boys?

But on the real though right? I get pretty busy during the year and while it is somewhat of a valid excuse my activity on the game ain't really up to snuff. I think if I actually legitimately improved my scheduling skills I could be more active in the game, and despite all the shit I said in the previous thread, I do in fact want to be more active in the game. I got plans, and narratives, that I want to run, and now that I got the money for it I should probably work on actually doing some of that shit instead of talking about it. So if I go the next few months without doing shit, call me out for it guys.

Also, in my post I talked about jobbers. I need to learn to jobb better. I don't make a lot of jobbers and I don't make a lot of gennuine assholes. I gotta learn the role better because honestly more folks gotta learn to do that and I'm no exception.
You son of a bi :evil:. You piece of sh Confusedhock: . You goddamn fuc :geek: ! Listen fuc :x head! You have crossed the fu 8-) ing line! Get that through your godd :lol: fuc :x ing head! Stop pushing your sh :mrgreen: ! You're the ones that have fu :? this country over and gangra Arrow
the shi Tongue out of it!
I'm enjoying the RP I've experienced since I returned. Not one day has passed since I've gone with out it, but granted, I look all over for it. Lowkey, people need to stop frontin'; shed things like 'My character wouldn't go here' or just accept that they've pidgeon holed themselves and while it doesn't refute their right to complain it makes their complaints similar to the pot calling the kettle black. The only way to fix things, is to be the fixer. RP on SL2 has become what most people view exercise RL as. You just have to go out and do it, bro. Just DO IT. If you aren't an IC only character go into OOC and ask 'Any RP bro I need' and someone will respond.

You can call out the game mechanics, the OOC corner, whatever, but there was some dummy thick RP in Badlands the night before this post goes live EST. It's not impossible, and the only real issue is a lack of motivation and an unwillingness to put the majority of the blame on that and stop substituting so many other things into its place.
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Cole hit a particular note on the head. People can get the RP they want if they go out and find it or shed certain preconceptions about people in the community. It's fine to have your character's IC settle on 'I won't go here'. And it's healthy to not want to orbit people you don't like because this is a hobby and you should enjoy yourself.

But you can't sit there and call out the state of the game when it's clear that your enjoyment of the game isn't down to the state of the game, but rather the people you interact with, or lack thereof. To which we're all part of the problem.

OOC is fine, people want to just casually hang out and chatroom and test builds? Cool let them enjoy themselves, they aren't the problem. Housing isn't a problem either, there are so few interesting spaces in the game world proper that houses are one of our major outlets of expression on a stagnant game world. People just need to take a break and get their mojo to RP back, or experiment with the spaces they want to RP in.
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Since we are calling people out I thought I'd chime in and post a damning log of our good friend Kunai.

[Image: unknown.png]

I believe this message sums up the toxic state of the game. I'm sure he would have liked some prior discussion before I shared this log but that is only because he fears being exposed for the big meanie he actually is.

The only thing I have learned is that Kunai will continue to hurt my feelings. It is because of that I must stay away.
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I can't believe it!...And on the other thread he just acted like someone who cares about the selfworth of people!

What a truly two faced person. Ban he, I say!

That said, holy shit are there many topics about this topic. I literally spend 5 hours today reading this shit and the spawn topics of them. Nothing truly new has been said here but, certainly true as well. Now go behave differently.
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Aren't we waiting for Opinion on Opinion on Opinion of [...]?

(someone lock this pls)
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