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Basic Application Format (Read Me)
Welcome to the applications forum. Please use the specific subforum (and not this main forum) based on the type of request you are making (either character-based, event-based, etc.).

When posting your application, we ask that you follow this basic format:

Applicable BYOND Key -
Character Name -
Request Type - 
Request Details -  
Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) -
Roleplay & Lore supporting your request -

Please title your topic something along the lines of '(character name) - Request for (X)'. For example, 'Marlin Margora - Request for Special Height'. As long as we can infer the general nature of your request from the title topic, it's fine. Please avoid confusing or 'jokey' titles, as they interfere with organization.

In the event that your request is not something you want to be known OOCly (for fear of metagaming, etc.) you may post a request topic, and PM the details of your request to a GM, noting which GM you PM'd in your topic. The GM will reply when they can, and the details of the PM will be posted on a private forum (which only can be seen by GMs).

Be sure to also read the other sticky(ies) in this forum before posting.

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