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U and I See [UI changes]
Hey hey, all.

I'll be keeping today's post as succinct as I can given the topic is pretty simple.

I feel that a perennial issue of SL2 is that some rather vital information is hidden in sometimes hard to reach places.

The three most egregious examples of this in my opinion would be the role quotas for role-holders requiring them to enter the reputation panel and then clicking on the 'manage' button. The hard to discover nature of one's weapon durability outside of a battle and who is the leader of a party at any particular moment.

These problems thankfully have easy fixes, such as having the player cards in the top left display weapon durability and having a border around the player card that is indicative of leadership. One could even add an option to change the colour of the leadership border if they wish.

The quota can also just be duplicated and shown in the reputation screen, given information about roles is already there.

I have attached a few haphazard edits I made to several screenshots I took in game that illustrate my point

[Image: SL2Example1.jpg]

[Image: SL2Example2.jpg]

I imagine these changes would be very low-effort to implement and would enliven and streamline party dungeoning, solo-dungeon as well as the fulfillment of quotas, dramatically increasing people's overall experience of the game. If anyone has any other ideas for information that could be more easily accessed in game, I wholeheartedly welcome you to post and contribute
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I'd love to see these changes come through. They're not invasive and they improve quality of life in a meaningful way.
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Honestly I also think people should be able to change their top left character HUD color outside of being party leader. Mostly the blue background to a color of your choice, similarly to how the new chat lets you customize the background color that pops up when you post a message IC.
[Image: Fern22.gif]
[Image: unknown.png]
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I'm for adding these changes. I also like @Fern's suggestion of being able to change the color entirely, though that might be something that'll come with an entire UI change. I think it'd be nice to fully customize your menu UIs too, for aesthetic!
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=8459553]
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