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Describe all SL2 classes in 5 words or less
In spite to the dense atmosphere surrounding the general, let's just take a moment to meme and chill out. Here's a challenge for you bunch and whoever makes it funnier than mine gets a like.

The clock is ticking, gentlemen...

Base Classes:

Archer - Also a gunner.
Curate - Thinks healing is a crime.
Duelist - "Backstabs are flanking, bro."
Mage - Boring but powerful nerd.
Martial Artist - Pecs of steel.
Rogue - More honorable than Duelist.
Soldier - Duelist's little bitch.
Summoner - Lazy bastard.

Arbalest - Kink for naked Black Knights.
Magic Gunner - The ultimate magic... LE GUN!
Ranger - Forest hippie with a bow.

Lantern Bearer - Thinks 'Phoenix' is not Mercana.
Priest - Most of them are villains.

Ghost - Most of them are protagonists.
Kensei - The storm that is approoooooacchiiiinnnggg.
Firebird - Retarded magical bird with spear.

Evoker - Big number is my utility.
Hexer - Happily coughs COVID without mask.
Rune Magician - Thinks they're smart and innovative.

Monk - Goku got banned again, mom.
Verglas - Nord strip teaser, foot fetish.
Boxer - Theoretically, the weakest martial artist.

Engineer - Bomberman's wet dream.
Void Assassin - Edgy and suicidal emo backstabber.
Spellthief - Actually is a good business.

Black Knight - Not actually a knight, but...
Tactician - Not actually smart, but...
Demon Hunter - Not actually a hunter, but...

Grand Summoner - Abusive parent.
Bonder - "Does it count as 'furry'?"
Shapeshifter - Wonders the same as Bonder.
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I'll throw my hat into the ring, though I will proceed to flount the rules by:
Not using words but pictures (They tell a thousand words, or something)
Not describing all the classes (Because I'm too lazy)
Use this as an excuse to memely gush about a few of my favourites

[Image: SS.png]

Grand Summoner:
[Image: GS.gif]

[Image: Mage.png]

[Image: Hexer.png]

[Image: evoker.jpg]

Magical Gunner:
[Image: MG.png]

[Image: Arb.png]

[Image: Ghost.png]

[Image: Kensei.png]

[Image: FB.png]

Demon Hunter:
[Image: DH.png]

(Dead for tonight, I'll continue tomorrow.)
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Mine aren't funny. But, I deal.

Base Classes:

Archer - Remember when I could kite?
Curate - Healing? Pay the time fine.
Duelist - The only basic attack class.
Mage - You like being stunned, right?
Martial Artist - Actually very flexible!
Rogue - Does any of this mesh?
Soldier - Actually beyond useful!
Summoner - The Virgin Contractor

Arbalest - I still exist? Really?!
Magic Gunner - Nerfed to hell, still good.
Ranger - Remember when  could kite?

Lantern Bearer - Is Mercala an elemental???
Priest - I'm Healer, but...

Ghost [Image: What-is-Salt.jpg]
Kensei - Lightning, Fire, or bust man.
Firebird - Actually continues to be useful!

Evoker - Countless styles to produce #
Hexer - Once broken, now fair.
Rune Magician - Utterly useful, utterly boring.

Verglas - Hardcore Russians, pretty nice.
Boxer - Hits hardest, everyone says weak.

Engineer - Bombs? You want them?!
Void Assassin - Shockingly, very flexible too!
Spellthief - Most complex class, please use.

Black Knight - My true love, my soul.
Tactician - Remember when DH's used me? (I cheated on this one)
Demon Hunter - Stylish, people find it boring. (Not me)

Grand Summoner - U N L I M I T E D     P O W E R Chad SUmmoner
Bonder - I love my friend. What do you mean I have two others? What? (I cheated again)
Shapeshifter - Furry, Scaley, anthro sympathizer.
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Iggy is disqualified for cheating three times in a row

don't think I didn't count the words in that ghost picture

...what do you mean this isn't a competition?

[Image: Nihilus%2C_the_Abyssal_Flame.gif]
[Image: PersonalNecessaryArmyworm-size_restricted.gif]
Dyrnwyn, ERUPT, and IGNITE!
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[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
Welp, since I'll challenge myself into describing like that wild Kunai. I'll try do it on my own opinion with the most friendly wording if possible.

Archer - Man's Aiming Expert
Curate - Blessed Faithful Prayers
Duelist - Realistic Duel Blade Anime Fighter
Mage - Magically a Spell Thrower
Martial Artist - Fisted God-Speeder of Dodging
Rouge - Sneaky Man Steals of Jokes.
Soldier -  Duelist's Heavy Weaponry Cousin
Summoner - Contracted of the Souls.

Arbalest - Xx_Defense_Deleter_9000_xX
Magic Gunner - Guns but with Magically Powerful
Ranger -  The True Archer Evolution

Lantern Bearer - Elementalist's Aura of Circle Prayers
Priest -  Mercalan's Sacred Followers

Ghost Unforgivable Fighter from the Grave
Kensei - Sword Saint's Anime Blade Fighter
Firebird - Spears of the Bird's Roar

Evoker - Elemental Thinking and Beyond Limits
Hexer -  meEt yOUr iNFlIcTeD DEmisE...
Rune Magician - Lego Beyblade Fidget Spinner

Monk - Thinking from a Clear Mind
Verglas -  Cold Man's Cold Shoulders
Boxer - You fell for my move

Engineer - Mechanic's Machine Maker
Void Assassin - Darkness Back Hurter
Spellthief - Collector of Victims Spells.

Black Knight - True Man's Protective Friend
Tactician - Going according to the Plan
Demon Hunter - Style Man Combo Dancer

Grand Summoner - Army of Personas Stands
Bonder - Believe with The Best Friends
Shapeshifter - Transforming Abomination of Chaotic Power
[Image: b69d8dc830a1a6b64ce233e92b2e79c9.png]
[Image: bc307a682fc5f9d2b0a5c0de4dc3aa90.png]
[Image: 5441207b804d39be46ea2d5f9d73eff7.png]
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I defile your thread by describing them using Spongebob quotes instead.

Arbalest - He's just standing there...Menacingly!
Magic Gunner - I'm Dirty Dan.
Ranger - You used me...FOR LAND DEVELOPMENT!

Lantern Bearer - Are these night lights guaranteed to keep the creepy creatures of the dark away?
Priest - Two hours later.

Ghost - Too bad that didn't kill me.
Kensei - Goodbye everyone, I'll remember you all in therapy.
Firebird - There is no ice! There's never been any ice! Ice is just a myth!

Evoker - First I must pass the oral exam. I am confident in my abilities to successfully succeed.
Hexer - 1% evil, 99% hot gas.
Rune Magician - Let's go, I wanna see some spinning!

Monk - Just do what I do when I have problems: SCREAM!!!
Verglas - Kicking?! I wanna do some kicking!!
Boxer - And that's when I punch him, right?

Engineer - Not when I shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE
Spellthief - The best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby adding another secret to their secret collection of secrets, secretly.

Black Knight - Art thou feeling it now Mr. Krabs?
Tactician - I've got a good idea, and nobody else thinks so.
Demon Hunter - Life's as extreme as you wanna make it!!

Grand Summoner - T-The gang's all here...
Bonder - F is for friends who do stuff together.
Shapeshifter - I'm ugly, and I'm PROUD!
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i'm not gonna follow the rules because i'm a REBELLLLLLL

Base Classes:

Archer - haha 2000 tiles range go brr brr
Curate - healslut
Duelist - "nerf magic"
Mage - "nerf fleur"
Martial Artist - FALCON KICK
Rogue - *spends 3 rounds buffing*
Soldier - doomwall junior
Summoner - "the contract, is it worth the price?"

Buster Cannon - "i like your cut G" *breaks your bones*
Magic Gunner - sniper kun mutters quietly under his breath "please don't have a mirror"
Ranger - "Cherry Blossom isn't Mercana anyway"

Lantern Bearer - that one guy peeved at the three different requests from his doomsquad for status immunity
Priest - "Church Knights don't exist lmao why are you mad"

Ghost - "I swear, it's not ICly a ghost noodle, it's..."
Kensei - that one side character you like that gets bodied too fast
Firebird - wOW Is THaT ANOTheR BLaZINg CYcLONe SPeaR bUILD?

Evoker - "buff evoker"
Hexer - "honey it's round 2, time for your menov's fang" - "yes honey"
Rune Magician - the kid in class everybody hates

Monk - MONKey see, MONKey do
Verglas - atatatatatatatatatatatatatata

Engineer - that one guy that wishes he could build gundams
Void Assassin -
Spellthief - "talkin mad shit for someone in hot potato distance"

Black Knight - [Image: 8DFOuBq.png][Image: 8DFOuBq.png][Image: 8DFOuBq.png]
Tactician - you're suddenly the most liked dude (they don't want titan gale i swear)
Cobra Stance - [Image: crfEEdt.png]

Grand Summoner - that one celebrity that keeps getting casually ambushed as soon as they step outside except it's balance rambles
Bonder - iggy please stop getting laid with your drowned woman
Shapeshifter - "I swear, this basic attack build can work, it just needs..."
[Image: Fern22.gif]
[Image: unknown.png]
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I can't believe Whitender's is more objective than mine-

GDI tura-

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