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[v.2.34c] Flagsmith's Folly
There are a couple bugs with guild flags at the moment, and it should be relatively easy for me to do further bugtesting on request.

The first is that a placed guild flag in a house doesn't show the badge of the claimed guild right now. Tested with Tanasinn- claimed a flag, carried it to confirm the badge was there, placed it and there was no badge.

The second is that a claimed flag when traded also no longer displays the badge. Very unfortunate for guilds giving flags to members or people decorating houses together.
As a part two to this second bug- a claimed flag when traded will also forever count as claimed despite showing no guild badge, effectively bricking the flag and keeping it default forever. The same goes for a house-placed flag, accordingly.
Gonna need more details, maybe a guild name and a key/slot. Testing this offline, I can place a flag in my house and it'll load the icon properly, even through closing/opening the house.
I'd traded someone flags for them to claim/place in their house to help me test flags. I'll try and pull them aside for another round of testing and get back to you.
I just bought my own house ticket earlier, I'll try and get a guild to try and see if it's purely to do with traded flags.
After a lot of baffling tests, I think we've come to a conclusion.

I'll get right to it-
It seems like trading at all if you have a claimed flag in your inventory makes the flag no longer display its guild badge. EVERY flag in BOTH participants' inventories. Even if the trade window is only opened and nothing is traded. The badge will no longer show if you carry the flag, nor if you place it.
It also seems as though if you place a broken flag, leave the house, and wait for an hour tick for it to refresh, the image returns on the placed flag. You can then even pick it up and carry it again, with the badge.

We tried just about everything we could think of. Placing it to have the other person pick it up, using shopkeepers to trade flags, and just about all permutations of trading (both people having claimed flags, one person having flags and receiving an item, one person having flags and giving an item), but it seems as though just opening the trade window at all essentially bricks all claimed flags in your inventory even if nothing is actually traded, essentially forcing you to place them, leave, and wait- which could well be tens and tens of flags, as was my case. Reconnecting does NOT fix bricked flags, only the house method does. Unclaimed flags don't seem(?) to get broken in this manner.
This should be corrected in 2.35b

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