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Event Staff Survey
Hello everyone! We've had event staff for a few months now, so it's about time we reach out to you all for feedback. So please, whenever you have the time, do take a moment to fill out a short, anonymous survey! We appreciate your time and effort. Heart
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You missed a real opportunity here by not calling this thread "Opinions of the state of event staff"
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I have a small bone to pick with one of the questions, re. "Has this person met your expectations for the position."

Considering the survey is anonymous it might result in slightly skewed negative feedback either due to mob balancing (by those who didn't enjoy getting killed during an otherwise fun event) or due to the Eventmin working more in the background to support people who ask for events.

But hopefully this question is something that will be taken with a grain of salt and people vote fairly. Sorry to put this here but it raised a concern.
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