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Dungeon Themed Ores
Currently it CAN be hard to achieve certain ores, the current ores you can reliably get from mining out dungeons are:

-Nerif's Blood from Fire Altars
-Rockdirt from Goblin Tunnels
-Arctic Gold from Whirlpools
-Coral from Whirlpools
-Orichalcum from Black Doors

These ores can all be obtained reliably in a way that would take you little under an hour to two hours of digging in order to obtain a healthy enough supply for a while.

However the ores that cannot be obtained easily need to be RNG'd from the Jammer Caverns only or from disassembling items (which is even more unreliable) so thats not exactly fun or helpful in any regard, I think the following ores need to be updated to be accessible from certain dungeons.

-Silpheed's Curse is unavailable, I could see this dropping from mining nodes in Grey Caverns, as the winged serpent is wind themed
-Conduiz is unavailable, this could either be shared with black doors or have its own dungeon type associated to it.
-Carapace is unavailable, this could be available in deserts as bugs will often spawn in there, I could see it being a node of bug carcasses or shedded skin.

With how much ore is needed these days I can only hope this thread will gain some attention.

One last thing:
-Arctic's gold should be moved to Ice Caverns, and coral should stay as the ore in Whirlpools.
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100% agreed. Alternatively, those rarer drops should also become a feature for the Casino.
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Bump for the sake of all of us crafters and for enhanced dungeon thematics.
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All ore types can be gotten from: Crypts, Jammer Cavern, Darkwood Manor.

I'd definitely appreciate ores being spread out. Right now, a majority of dungeons offer nothing but iron.

Tunnels: Iron, rockdirt
Bandit Den: Iron
Ice Cavern: Iron
Forest: Iron
Black Door: Iron, Orichalum, Etherium
Snake caves: Iron
Whirlpool: Iron, Arctic Gold, Coral
Fire Altar: Iron, Nerif's blood
Cavern: Iron
Desert: Iron
Castle: Iron
Crypt: Everything

Seven out of twelve dungeons offer nothing but iron.

If it were feasible, I'd suggest some form of graduated rarity and maybe 3 ore types per dungeon.
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