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Aquamancer's Current Issues
Let me preface this by saying I'm fully aware of your (Dev) intentions when it comes to this class. You don't want it to be a "dps" spellcaster per se, like Evoker, and I'm fully aware of that with my opinion following this.

I agree fully with Latto again. Purifying Aquae would need much more stronger Aquamancer main class incentives, and if it had that, then it could probably be kept as is. That spell on its own is not worth main classing Aquamancer for, and realistically, it's the only thing one would look at in regard to main classing Aquamancer. Starting at 3 Crest LV is irrelevant since in fights where you want to stack your crest LV immediately, Crest Surge fulfills this purpose infinitely better, and in the case of that, then it doesn't matter that you start with 3. Then there's the damage boost to specific races which is... laughable.

Moving on, Wild Waterfall is not meant to be a damage spell, no, but the reality of the matter is it's going to need 180% water atk 100% SWA scaling. Even as a supportive class, this isn't unprecedented. Divine Shower has 180% Light ATK 100% SWA scaling and hits literally every enemy on the map while also being able to inflict blind. IMO, this spell could use buffed scaling and also have mapwide targeting for its circle. Something like calling a waterfall down from the sky wherever your cluster of enemies is. As it stands, Vydel, even though it requires wind enchant, can deal damage and KD in a huge verticle 3 tile wide radius. The thing about invocations is regardless of what class they're in, DPS or not, they require 9 of your momentum (outside of things like HSDW or Call Storm). For 9 momentum, the spell needs to be very impactful, and probably has to deal the standard invocation damage to make up for doing nothing for so long.

Brine Blade needs to have a base duration of 5, full stop. The damage it provides to basic attacks is not that good in practice, so having to consume your class resource just to get it to a decent buff duration feels really bad. If it had a base duration of 5 that could be extended, the spell would probably be fine.

Other than these, there are still too many spells in Aquamancer that are just completely unviable. Not every single skill/passive in a class's kit needs to be meta by any means, or even objectively "good". However, some of these things are just laughably unviable.

For example, drowning chant... is really, really bad. Yes, base curate has silent prayer, but that's a joke. A conditional, 2 round, single target silence that requires another 3M to not silence YOURSELF is not worth simply tossing out black bubble which silences in a huge aoe and lays down dark water tiles at the same time. Yes, this is from Hexer, but Aquamancer needs similar utility if it's not going to be a damage dealing spellcaster. The obvious start is making the spell not silence the user. From there, I think it could stand having a base silence duration of 3, and the crest consumption could increase your base status inflict rate or something.

2 duration silences become virtually useless against any mage using a heron feather, and many of them do. If this skill isn't going to have the AoE and dark water of Black Bubble, it needs to have a stronger silence with the potential for it to be more reliable too.

Sea Stride needs something else. I have no idea what that is, but it needs to be much more than what it is. Maybe even make it just cost 1 momentum, idk. But as it stands that is NEVER worth using.

Cold Splash needs to not consume literally all of your class resource. Frozen is not worth losing all of your Crest LV, even if it hinges on it being successful. Perhaps just reducing the Crest LV consumption would be enough for this spell.

Lastly, this may be controversial, not sure since I haven't talked to many Aquamancer players, but Call Storm is in a weird position. So, this spell is REALLY good for Aquamancers using many support spells since it makes them apply to all allies. However, since the spell has incentive to be cast multiple times, not just to extend the duration of its effect but to power it up, this is where it falls flat. It feels like, as it currently stands, you're literally just using this spell for the ally wide effect. A single target spell that scales off of completely different elements from the rest of your kit that randomly hits any enemy on the map is awful. This spell can end up hitting something useless like a turret or something.

Since going Dark Authority still causes the dark damage to scale off your Water ATK, the Vyd and lightning should also scale off your Water ATK. Not only that, but I think these effects should either hit every enemy or hit up to 4 at random. From there, I think it'll fulfill the fantasy of a progressively worsening storm where those effects aren't just an afterthought for extending your global support capability.

That's about all of my current gripes, but Latto knows the class much better, and likely knows what it needs much better than I also.

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