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[V2.39] Mirror mirror, where's my reflection (Mirror Shards)
Topic somewhat related to another thread on this forum, see:
Game Version 2.39, Mirror Shard - Rainbow Cloak

In the current state of the game it appears all mirror shards cannot be used. To clarify, mirror shards can be gained but they can not be expended in order to access their icons in the vanity mirror. I have talked to several people and tested myself to confirm that this is not isolated.

Methods attempted to bypass the issue that have not worked include:
-Right click use
-Use-Item verb
-click use from utility belt.
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Having tested Mirror Shards, it appears that Shards spawned prior to 2.39 still seem to work.  However any and all Mirror Shards spawned in as of 2.39 by either shard picker or from treasure balls do not work work. At all.


So Ricky originally bought a mirror shard from a shop, likely a shard from before 2.38 at the latest if that.  That particular shard worked.  However upon placing shards in a shop and purchasing them no shards worked, and after purchasing a shard yesterday from the same shop Ricky did. That shard didn't work, so ignore anything I just posted above.
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This has been corrected.

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