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Class Concept - Champion
Inspired by another recent thread, I thought I'd have a fun time developing a fan class concept. Mostly just for kicks.

CHAMPION  - Curate Promotion
+2 STR, +1 WIL, +1 DEF, +2 RES, +2 FAI
Weapons: Sword, Axe, Spear
Warriors sworn to upholding the cause and ideals of their deity, the Champion is a class capable of weathering many attacks and abnormal conditions, particularly those of a magical nature, as well as protecting their allies from harm. Mercalan Champions are the most numerous and famous, but one can swear their blade to any god whose will shall be done.

Oath of the Guardian (1 Rank): An Oath to protect the weak.  Gain a devotion point when you use a defensive skill, or guard. Lose a devotion point when your guard is broken or when taking more than (55 + Scaled Faith ) total damage from a single attack.  ( Devotion is consumed by some Champion abilities. You may only benefit from one Oath skill. If Champion is both your main and sub class, you may benefit from two Oath skills. )
Oath of the Crusader (1 Rank): An Oath to destroy evil. Gain a devotion point when you deal (150 - Scaled Faith) or more total damage in a single attack. Lose a devotion point if you go a turn without dealing damage. ( Devotion is consumed by some Champion abilities. You may only benefit from one Oath skill. If Champion is both your main and sub class, you may benefit from two Oath skills. )
Divine Element (1 Rank): You have learned to expertly channel your god's power. All Champion skills that deal Light damage instead deal damage of another element depending on what prayer status effect you have active, and scale off of the appropriate elemental attack.
  • Mercala, Glycon, Ryart, No Active Prayer - Light ( In other words, the skill has no effect )
  • Great Old Beasts, Old One-Eye - Earth
  • Old Grey Feathers, Old Scar Fur, Bai Kai - Wind
  • Old Chipears, Amiras - Lightning
  • Huggessoa, Zera, Ereshkigal, Old Longtail - Darkness
  • Helondis, Hyatt - Fire
  • Nameless God - Water
Resplendence (5 Ranks): Devotion that shields against the supernatural. Passively increases your RES. If at max rank, further increases RES by +1.
Resolution (3 Ranks): A determination to weather hardship. Passively increases status resistance by SR*10
Enemy of the faith (1 Rank): If your prayer status is that of a god who would grant Light as their divine element, you deal an additional 10% damage to characters whose prayer status would grant Darkness as a divine element. The inverse is also true if your prayer status would grant you Darkness as a divine element.
Spell Parry (5 Ranks): Parry skill (only one takes effect at a time.) Requires a shield or melee weapon. Grants the ability to parry attacks and spells cast from tome and staff type weapons, at a chance equal to 5 times your stockpiled devotion points (Max 30%) + a bonus based on rank. When triggered, Damage is reduced by 50%. (Bonus: 5/10/15/20/25%)
Absolute Devotion (5 Ranks): Due to your unparalleled fervor, your chance of activating the damage reduction from the intervention talent is increased by 1/2/3/4/5% of your god loyalty with the god whose prayer status you are currently affected by.
Rally (3 Ranks): When you spend 5/4/3 or more momentum on the guard skill, you rally your forces and reduce the duration of negative status effects on you and allied units within 3 spaces of you by 1 turn.
Speed of Light (3 Ranks): When you use a champion offensive ability, the range will be extended by 1/3/5 tiles, and you will move adjacent to your target as a part of the attack. Each activation of this ability consumes a Devotion Point.
Vigilance (2 Ranks): Even when enraptured in divine fervor, caution and intelligent tactics win battles. This skill can be freely toggled, when toggled on, abilities that would consume Devotion Points to gain extra effects will do neither. At rank 2, this skill does not require a skill slot.
Crusader's Mantle (3 Ranks) [Spell, 3M, self/ally only, 3 Range single target, 3 turn duration, Mass compatible, 4 turn CD]: Wash yourself and your allies in the divine energy of your god, increasing the target's elemental resistance to your divine element by (3/6/10%) and allowing the target's attacks to ignore the same amount of elemental resistance to that element on an enemy.
Divine Favor (3 Ranks) [Spell, 3M, self/ally only, 1 Range single target, 3 turn duration, Mass compatible]: Magically enchant a weapon with the power of your god. For the duration, the affected character's basic attacks deal magical damage of your divine element equal to 15/25/35% of the caster's associated elemental attack on hit. If the weapon has no enchantment, the effect is doubled. If applied to a Gun, the damage is divided by the Gun's total rounds.
Spirit Guardian (3 Ranks) [Spell, 3M, ally only, 3 Range single target, 3 turn duration]: Requires Oath of the Guardian. Send a portion of your fervent spirit to protect an ally. For the duration, 10/20/30% of the damage taken by that ally is redirected to you instead. Additionally, when you gain a guard status effect, the target gains a special damage reduction effect of a level equal to 50% of your guard's level.
Ardent Aggression (2 Ranks) [Skill, 3M, Enemy Only, 1 Range single target, 2 turn duration.] They are not going to escape judgement. If the targeted enemy uses a skill that moves them away from you, you will automatically follow them and maintain your point-blank distance. This skill cannot follow teleports, and will fail if you are blinded, knocked down, or immobilized. The effect ends if ever you are not adjacent to your target during it's duration.
King's Shield (3 Ranks) [Skill, X momentum (minimum 3), self only, 1 turn duration, 1 turn CD] Requires a shield, prepare a mighty defense capable of blocking a dragon's breath (probably). Spend all of your momentum (minimum 3) and gain Guard level X where X is equal to 7 times the momentum spent. While guarding this way, if you are included in a hostile area-of-effect ability, none of the spaces behind you will be included in the area of effect.
Intervention (3 Ranks) [Skill, 3M, single target, ally only, 1 turn duration, 1 turn CD] Requires the guard skill, target an ally within 2/4/6 range and rush to a space adjacent to them, until the start of your next turn, the next damaging effect to target them will target you instead, even if you are no longer adjacent to the target when the damage occurs.
Indignation (3 Ranks) [Skill, 3M, Self Only, 3 turn duration]. Attacking the champion's allies only infuriates them. While this skill is active, you gain a stacking +3 hit and +1 SWA every time an ally takes damage. This can stack up to 15 times during the duration, and resets to 0 if the skill is re-used or the duration ends.
Divine Smite (3 Ranks) [Skill, 3M, single target, enemy only, 1 range, 1 turn CD] {80/100/120% SWA + 100/120/140% LIGHT ATK} Sword/Spear/Axe skill. A powerful attack alight with divine energy. However, the damage is reduced by the enemy's scaled faith. The physical and elemental magic damage are dealt separately.
Suppressing Smite (3 Ranks) [Skill, 3M, single target, enemy only, 1 range, 1 turn CD]  {60/80/100% SWA + 80/100/120% LIGHT ATK} Sword/Spear/Axe skill. An attack meant to rend focus. The target loses focus equal to 10% of the damage received. Additionally, if you have three devotion points, they are consumed, and the attack rolls to silence. The physical and elemental magic damage are dealt separately. 
Guiding Smite (3 Ranks) [Skill, 3M, single target, enemy only, 1 range, 1 turn CD] {60/80/100% SWA + 80/90/100% LIGHT ATK} Sword/Spear/Axe skill. An attack that marks a target with divine energy, reducing their evasion by  10/15/20 for two turns. The physical and elemental magic damage are dealt separately. 
Shield Throw (3 Ranks) [Skill, 3M, single target, enemy only, 5 range, 1 turn CD] Requires a shield. Use your shield as a projectile, dealing blunt physical damage equal to the weight of the shield, plus the sum of your scaled strength and skill. The target may be inflicted with clumsy for two rounds afterwards, preventing the use of movement skills besides basic Movement.
Crusader's Judgement (3 Ranks) [Skill, 3M, single target, enemy only, 1 range, 2 turn CD] {60/80/100% SWA + 100/110/120% LIGHT ATK} Sword/Spear/Axe skill, Requires Oath of the Crusader. Strike at a foe and bring down your god's judgement upon them. Deals damage, and inflicts a status ailment dependent on your divine element for two turns. The physical and magical damage are dealt separately. The magical damage ignores armor.
  • Light - Glowing LV 20/25/30
  • Earth - Magnetize LV 20/25/30
  • Wind - Lingering Damage LV 20/25/30
  • Lightning - Hesitation LV 20/25/30
  • Darkness - Fear LV 20/25/30
  • Fire - Burn LV 20/25/30
  • Water - Soaked

Thoughts and notes

I am a well-recorded palaboo. So I always daydreamed that we'd see a paladin class in SL2 at some point. Though divine element was made so the more neutrally-named champion could easily represent any sort of divine warrior. Initially, it was only meant to throw antipaladins a bone, similar to servant of a dark authority. But then I figured SL2, like many fantasy settings, has a lot of gods. So why not put them all on the table? I initially wanted to include evasion mechanics, as I can see warriors devoted to the old beasts being more evasive than tanky, but it started to feel bloated and I couldn't think of a good way to make the evasion Oath scale with faith and not clash with the class' devotion to the guard mechanic. The Oaths and the whole devotion point mechanic exist in major part to ensure that the class remains mechanically close to it's narrative roots as a faith-based warrior.

As I see it, the class's strengths can be found mostly in their anti-magic potential, and party defense role. I wanted it to be a little more than an inverted black knight, so I ended up including some additions that add religious flavor. They also have the most shield skills of any class, as it struck me as peculiar that shields feel so underutilized. Intervention is a straight up better version of the black knight's sacrifice. As I have felt sacrifice itself is quite weak in it's current incarnation. 

For weaknesses, it's primary mobility option consumes a class resource, and even then, could still probably be kited. It is even less mobile than black knight, who has teleports to work with at least. Without teleports, what mobility options it does have would be seriously threatened or shut down by many field effects, such as cinders and ice tiles.

Spell parry would indeed conflict with Eviter and Stalemate, so you could only ever parry one type of attack if your other class granted one of those skills. I figure it would make for a pretty interesting choice. It would also probably only mitigate damage, and do nothing against status ailments that a spell may inflict.

I realize Absolute Devotion may as well not have the stipulation regarding god loyalty for as much as it effects the math in the end, but I thought it was flavorful and harmless enough to include.

I did not include FP costs for the skills and spells. While they would indeed all cost FP, I am left at a loss as to cracking the math behind making that sort of thing balanced.

Tell me what you think. I find theorycrafting things like this fun in it's own right. I already have inspiration that makes me want to start writing another new class concept, too.
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This feels more like a base class. I feel like combined with the veritable cornucopia of mainclass benefits that Curate offers, it'd be off balance.

But its fucking *cool*. And that's more important. Gimme godknights.
I love the idea conceptually, and I always found giving classes options for the opposite damage type interesting, like Tactician being magical in a physical area (I don't think there's a good example of a physical class in a magical area yet, though). Centering it mainly around the shield is both smart and fun. It does feel weird that they're so underutilized, now that you mention it. (And maybe you can use a spear with this to have more of a reason to use spear skills in Curate!!! Wow, LB/Champion gets Skyhigh?!)

I'd love playing this class for all the supportive capabilities it has, since a lot of Curate classes tend to make you not really use the supportive stuff, other than like, the heals. I might be wrong on that but from a little bit of experience, a lot of the non-healing Curate (and promotion) supportive options are not very good or worth getting... Meanwhile, with this class, you get super helpful stuff like Spirit Guardian, King's Shield, and Intervention, and I could see myself having a lot of fun with that.

The monoclass bonus is a nice touch. I have no idea if it'd actually be worth it in balance but I just like the idea of it being an option for classes so SOMEONE will take it and (hopefully) enjoy it.

Also, having aspects influenced by *the god that you're following* is super smart! To expand the meaning of the class beyond what would be expected (all Mercala-focused) and instead encompass any kind of godly faith you may have was a really great choice.

I applaud this. Keep theorycrafting, reading the results is fun!

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