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Craftable Bloodsoaked Catalyst
Could we have a catalyst for appending Bloodsoaked to a weapon or accessory item?

It could be crafted (Enchanter LV5), made from:

- Soul Eater Ritual x1
- Blood Whistle x1
- Black Pearls x5
- Magic Mud x10

Results in:
- Bloodstained Ritual Scroll

On use:
- Requires 50 Physical and Mental stamina to use, and will inflict a Crippling Stab Wound. Curses a non-enchanted weapon or accessory with 'Bloodsoaked'.
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Can we stack Bloodstained yet?

Also I am all for it being craftable, but it doesn't really have to be that difficult to make now, has it? Its a rather simple enchant with not really many upsides. It just spawns more mobs.

Either way +1 (Make it stackable)
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