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Katriya - Nature Healing
Applicable BYOND Key - Imotepchief

Character Name - Katriya

Request Type -  Nature & Alchemy plant based healing (fluff)

Request Details -  Katriya is a nature focused healer and I would like to push that beyond the basic tending of wounds into the realm of treating internal damage, specifically involving nature magic and interactions between plants and living bodies. I would like to be able to provide fluff practices to tend to organ and structural damage, primarily to be able to implant various kinds of augmented flora to replace/repair/alter damaged or defective organs and to directly repair physical damage such as cuts, burns and broken bones. This would be entirely fluff medical rp to allow me to heal none void related physical damage using solely nature magic and alchemy, without using mercana.

Using alchemy and nature magic to direct and influence the effects plants can have on organic forms. I.e. Using vines for stitches, directing such with nature magic and using alchemy to nudge effects and growth of plants/seeds. Such as distributing Newyen seeds to act as an anti-tox in assistance to damaged organs (liver and kidneys).
Overall focusing heavily on plants serving a more advanced function other than simply being alchemical ingredients.
Other examples:
# Seeds that sprout conductive vines to bridge gaps caused by nerve damage, to restore feeling to limbs.
# A 'vampiric' flower, that can draw and divert excess focus or blood from building within an organ, such as the heart, to reduce strain.
# Vinework to act as a lattice to accelerate the regrowth of tissue to remedy breaks/burns/cuts, to bridge blood vessels and halt bleeding.
# Light sensative petals to restore partial vision to ruined eyes.

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - This is to interact with another player's rp, i.e. augmenting a defective heart to extend the character's lifespan back to average duration, while allowing me the option to do similar for others in the future and to have a more interesting and logical ic usage of nature healing skills such as 'gentle garden'.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request - R&D rp is yet to happen, but will involve experimentation on captured creatures and the effects of magical and alchemically altered flora upon them.
So far my nature healing rps have revolved around using bioluminescent polen (gentle garden) to heal external injuries, such as cuts and vines to bind wounds or provide a medium to transfer alchemical substances.
- Microbiology is a no. Biology, probably to some degree. Keep in mind this is a world with magic, so any field where magic is applicable is going to have a less developed 'scientific' portion just on the basis of need.
Unlike mercana, these nature based repairs would take time and likely require multiple treatments for serious cases, specific circumstances would also need to be maintained, such as needing to remain within a nature rich environment or consumption of focus restoring things such as shy snow flowers, to maintain the health of the 'installed' plant until it had completed its task. All would be treated as advanced medicine for injuries or defects, not as a means to provide subjects any actual benefit beyond restoring them to their baseline.
- (How advanced is medicine?) Since we have magic it could be considered somewhat more advanced than you'd think for the setting, at least in terms of medical treatment. There aren't things like life support machines or other complex machines, at least in any common sense. Maybe there are some mad scientists who have something like that in their labs, but it's not something out in the world, so to speak.

I want to make sure that I'm allowed to progress down this line and eventually get results before investing more time to this thread of thought. My intention is to build an actual lab on my property and go through a number of trial runs, potentially involving other players if I can drum up interest.
If this is mainly for the sake of medical fluff RP I'll allow it.

Reading what you've wrote shows me that you understand the main differences between nature healing versus mercala healing.

The fluff examples you've given seem fine to me and quite creative. Although of course this doesn't mean the treated will always be 100% supportive of being healed in such a way for whatever reason (fear/prejudice/etc) if they choose to.

Most importantly to understand is that you shouldn't be using the in-game mercalan spells and roleplaying it as 'nature' magic no matter how much roleplay you've put into developing it. If you can agree and understand to that, I'll approve this!
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Thank you.

Both icly and mechanically Katriya doesn't use or possess any mercana, I haven't even touched curate other than to put in that one point to stop the class board being highlighted.
Also Katriya has never imposed her healing upon anyone, her mentality is to mitigate suffering and provide comfort to those she's helping and wouldn't want to force them or cause distress.
Alright in that case, go for it.

Honestly you wouldn't really need to app for this if that's the case since everything is in order. But if anyone doubts it you can just send them to this thread.
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