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Miyako Cyre - Noble House Affiliation
Applicable BYOND Key - Mogeko Meme Pinny

Character Name - Miyako Cyre

Request Type - Noble House Member

Request Details -  I wish to create a character belonging to one of the Onigan Noble Houses, House Cyre specifically.

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - I'm making this request because I want to add some spice and variety into the world of SL2.  Lore wise, House Cyre is a large reason why Oniga is able to stay standing, what with their reliance on import and trading with the other nations of the Great Six.  Having a character such as this could help open up new roleplay opportunities between players, while also providing future plotlines that may require eventmin support.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request - House Cyre itself is composed of foreigners as well as Onigans, many of which are sailors, merchants, or traders.  While many of Cyre's members are merchants, they require people to fulfill orders and do manual labor, which is where the hiring of mercenaries and adventurers come into play.  What I would like to do is play a character whose father is a Merchant member of House Cyre.  They have chosen to take things into their own hands rather than sit and make deals and hire others to do work for them, so they will venture into Sigrogana and the other lands meeting people, making connections, and opening up future deals for House Cyre to profit from.  Similar to House Cyre's ideals, my character is ambitious and will look to create mutual agreements among the merchant and mercenary playerbase in order to get even more inter-faction roleplay going.  As time goes on, it's likely they will come into conflict with other players and factions, creating further opportunities for not only myself but others.
[Image: rGG2TGqIT5GKLfm7azZmrQ.png]
I don't see any problems here. Cheers to more Noble House RP!

Moving this thread to approved.

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