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Bow Scaling Adjustments
(08-28-2021, 08:07 PM)Lolzytripd Wrote:
(08-28-2021, 07:38 PM)Senna Wrote: He could always make a new tag call Archery whereas it -30% and +30% Skill ontop of whatever tag the prior bows had before. Pretty much somewhat the same as guns with firearm.

Like Adversity Annihilator
40% Str, 30% Skill and 40% Cel instead.

Whereas he can apply it to a good amount of bows and all.

Strength is needed to use Bow in RL BUT Skill is also needed as well as form. You need strength to pull the string back and shoot from a distance as much as people like to say 'oh it's skill' but it really isn't. You need skill to handle and actually shoot the arrow in the right direction as well as how to shoot against wind drag, what angle to take to reach its target and whatnot.
-30+30 tags don't really do anything for scaling, look at how it affects katana builds, you still only have the same total scaling as before so you still need to build the same amount of strength as before, but now you have to match it with other stat just to equal a comparative 100% scaling weapon.

Finesse/Precision does a lot for the weapon when you pair it with other tags, but doesn't do much on its own, for example the Corvis Cannon is a great example, being 40% GUI, 30% SKI, 40% RES.

Bows need some strength to wield, that much is not what's being argued in this thread, infact in the OP you can see that there still will be pure STR bows, but adding another tag restores them to their previously balanced position where building a bunch of SKI/LUC/GUI was their optimal game plan. And with the revised scalings in the OP they'll still be contributing 30-40% of their scaling to STR itself for a lot of the weapons.

This mostly means you'll see builds at around 30-40 STR and investing the rest of their points into SKI/GUI/LUC which are basically required for bows to be sniping people with anyway, and this seems like a reasonable build expectation, here's an example:

[Image: dOxElJd.png]

This still deals lower damage than any sword boy, even the ones without 2hand, the tradeoff is you get more utility stats as a result.
[Image: ZwZQKR6.png]
Finesse changes, anyone?
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
yeah -30+30 isn't a fair tag....

all tags unless their goal is to nerf the weapon like tool should be -X +X(+10)
(08-29-2021, 01:35 AM)Snake Wrote: Finesse changes, anyone?

Could always let Finese get +5 weapon crit and crit damage if that helps.
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: BAWqB6P.png]

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