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Engineer Gaming (Deploy: Turret thread)
With the new fix to gun-type weapons, could the least interesting machine of an Engineer's arsenal, Turret, have its Chain Gun's statIstics modified a little? We have Railgan, the long range autohit weapon, we have Medicopter, the healer bot, we have Metalaegis, the protect bot, but Turret is just there, with two skills and a dream.

I wish its identity was 'the basic hit bot'. So! Here goes an attempt:

Chain Gun (Turret's weapon)
>> Power: 10 (unchanged)
>> Critical: 25 (from 0)
>> Accuracy: 90 (from 80)
>> Attack Range: 5 (from 3)
>> Rounds: 8 (from 3)

Scaling - Finesse
70% STR, 40% SKI

Doing this alone will make this in particular be the most fun little gremlin to let loose in combat, and since rounds don't matter that much for damage, it'll look like it's using both of its gattling gun arms to fire at something.
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Cut the range to 4 and you have a deal.
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Turrets have low mobility, they only walk 3 tiles, that's why I chose the range for that. If it's getting lowered, it'd be 6 or 5 (for the very bare minimum).

4 is just one extra tile from the same range of a Colouir, which is practically 'melee range', in a sense.
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I have to agree with Kunai, turrets sorely lack mobility options available to them, and only have the ability to attack twice a turn, even with jetpack.

Having them with extra range and better weapon stats will do them pretty well. I'd like to see engi robots be rebalanced overall in exchange for destiny engineer getting the axe.
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The turret bot desperately needs some love over its doomwall cousin and laserhappy brother.

But yeah, robots in general could use a bunch of touching up to make engineer feel truly like a gadgeteer with plenty of options. The upgrade skills are nice but take up an immense amount of skill points which you want to slap onto your toaster bots so they don't explode when someone looks at them funny without being a destiny engineer.
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I'd say keep the range to like, 6. But I like this. Might give a reason to slap overclock and ignite engine on that bad boy for the ultimate death machine
Give All engineer bots 5 movement EXCLUDING RAILGAN, buff turret bots range to 5, and you got yourself a goshdang deal.
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Give turret twin dance and a second copy of its gun.
why do we claim things have no mobility when things like M.A.P. exist? Hard deny, 4 range on the turret pls.
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