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There's probably been threads about this before. I'm making another one.

3 Momentum. Any character can use it. Refunds momentum back with a ridiculously high status infliction on a lot of builds.

Puts a stake in any basic attacker build.

I don't like it. It takes zero effort to actually get results with and feels ridiculous from an RP perspective.
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You...You gotta give more reasons for your argument, bud. The refund only affects mobs and monsters, not players. Outside of that, you do need to explain your points to why a little better than I don't like it.
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It goes without saying that Exaggerate should be toned down a bit for its ease of use and ability to fit into any build.
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Exaggerate is map wide, a trait literally anyone can take with almost no cost and no downside whatsoever and gets a bonus infliction chance that scales absurdly high. The refund also works on player summoned mobs which may not be intended too.

As stated by Autumn in the thread linked, it should have its range be reduced significantly so it isn't a braindead option that helps basically anyone against a build utilizing 'basic' skills.
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Probably worth noting (if it hasn't been already) that the refund works on Youkai, robots, Wraithguard and other summoned units. The refund happens in PVP more frequently than one would normally imagine.

There's no drawback to pressing Exaggerate at the start of a fight for map wide Hesitation outside of very specific, rare circumstances. It's good enough that people frequently use it without RPing the skill to begin with.

I feel the thread linked above provides a deeper look into why Exaggerate can be very oppressive.
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Ah yes, we need to make Hesitation work on skills and spells now so people can see how BS this status is.
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