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Non-Combat World Events - Foreign Edition
((IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The thread is intentionally designed in a way to mimic a potentially low quality hype-like post for comedic effect and should not be taken to the extreme seriousness))

Okay so currently the only non-combat world event we have that plays out randomly is the fishing contests in Dormeho situated on Sigrogana and Empire territory which coincidentally also has the most world events that happen.

I am proposing on this fine day/night for more immersion driven events outside of raids and combat on the other continents. I can't really recall if anyone or even myself made this suggestion on a thread before so here are my ideas this time.

Gold Oniga - Bamboo Cutting Contest

A random event that pits players against each other as they compete on who can slice up the most bamboo sticks.

How it plays: The players are given the eyes of elimination minigame except without the magic and death and must perfectly complete those for clean cuts.

Like the interactable archery targets in Tannis, there will be an animation for how finely and properly you cut them.

Rewards: Air Tokens that can be redeemed for Bamboo furniture and the interactable bamboo furniture minigame and bamboo themed trophies

[Image: anime-bamboo-birds-duel-wallpaper-preview.jpg]

Lordwain Lispool - Sledding Contest

A random event where players race against each other on long ice slopes. They can do cool flips to gain extra speed but if they mess up they will fall flat into the snow and be slowed down severely.

How it plays: ((https://youtu.be/zgrciy3Bi-s))

Rewards: Ice Tokens that can be redeemed for sled furniture that you can probably sit on and an ice themed trophy.

Alstalsia - Pizza Speed Cooking Contest

[Image: 2565e0656c042d300800edcf8ef30d68.jpg]

This random event will involve teams. Players will form into parties or go solo if they're truly a master chef. Players must compete with each other to create as many pizza pies as possible to feed hungry high standard locals.

How it plays: There will be multiple processes that go into making authentic Alstalsian Pizza and so splitting up the work will speed up the work would be an effective strategy. HOWEVER if you are playing in teams if one of your members is performing their task sub-parly involving QTE events and getting the incorrect batch of ingredients and orders they will be penalized with less points or even disqualifications for earning any.

Rewards: Fire tokens (The heat of the kitchen) that can be redeemed for rare pizza recipe cards, chef hat mirror icon, pizza emote, pizza colored trophies

Kysei Chataranga - Chess contest (I am not creative)

Players play the intellectually stimulating game of chess against each other.

How it plays: Chess

Rewards: Chess Tokens (Black and white tokens) that can be redeemed for new pair or mirror shard glasses icons to display your intellect, a chess board furniture item for houses to bully everyone into playing you with.

[Image: animesher.com_anime-aesthetic-japan-blac...565562.jpg]

That's all I have for now. What does everyone else think? Should there be more non-combat world events similar to the fishing contest but on different continents?

Feel free to post your own better immersion idea events below.
[Image: tenor.gif]
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The bamboo thing reminded me a bit of the Old ass N64 pokemon stadium minigame at first, where like they drop logs for all players and you have to time your cut right to hit the white line on them, or closest to it.

More non combat minigames would be fun.
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I'm game.
[Image: giphy.gif]
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I too would like more Heavy-RP focused events in our RP-Mandatory game.
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=18750966]
Can I throw the suggestion of a lumberjack competition in Tannis in the ring? Or maybe something to do with mining?
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I'm definitely on board with the idea of more automated, non-combat world events to give more excuses to visit other places.

Just a couple more ideas for Lispool themed events:

- Ice Skating
Fairly simple premise, you skate around on a frozen lake, continuously moving forward while cracking the ice behind you with your skating trail, after a while this trail will fade. You lose when you either hit the cracked trail (and thus take a dunk into the lake) or travel off the edge.

Single Player:
Basically it'd be like Snake, you collect randomly appearing tokens, collecting them gives you more tokens to exchange for prizes but as you collect more your trail extends.

Multi Player:
Basically it'd be like Tron Cycles, up to four players compete in a last man standing match, you have to use your trail strategically to trap other players while avoiding the same. All players receive tokens roughly based on the match's duration, the last man standing receiving a bonus amount.

- Snowball Fight
Another straightforward premise. This is a 'deathmatch' style game where you pelt the competition with snowballs. This would be played by up to four players, with a minimum of two. Matches last around 2-3 minutes.

Snowballs fly straightforward in the direction you are facing, with some travel time. If they connect with a player, you get a point and they become invincible for a brief duration (so you can't just unload on someone). If they connect with an obstacle (like say a rock or a tree) or the edge of the map, it disappears.

You can collect up to five snowballs, however, once you run out, you are forced to scoop up more snowballs before you can throw again. While you are scooping, you cannot move and may become an easy target.

Players get tokens for participating and the first place winner gets a further bonus.

Admittedly these ideas are less laid-back than fishing and I can't imagine people RPing mid-match during either idea but I think it could be a fun distraction nevertheless.
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