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Rebelling (against mediocrity)
So. Lets talk about Rebelling.

Ever since GR2 completely changed the math between hit and evade, its become probably the worst enchantment you can have. The -hit for +power isn't worth it in any way that's going to benefit anyone in the coming environment. And as such something needs to change about it. 

How about -crit,+power instead? That would give non-crit basic hitters an enchantment that isn't Blessed or Haunted Soul, giving a subset of builds some love. I realize it would be potent, but discussing it and bringing it to functionality keeps it from languishing like Reaper's (enchantment) did for god knows how long.
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While you are right, I'd probably wait till Dev had the time to battle through all the balance Fu threads and comes to a final conclusion on how he wants the base system to work.

If he changes that, many of the topics we have up aren't really relevant anymore or need to be readdressed in a different way. I think the general consensus was that the current evade system isn't quite enjoyable, so chances are that changes.
Oh, absolutely. This is absolutely a tier 3 issue in terms of importance. I'm just making the suggestion in the presumption that Hit/Eva remains mostly as it is. Because good lord can you imagine trying to use a rebelling axe?
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Minus crit would be awesome. The reason it got changed to minus hit was due to those being used for autohits anyway.
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