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Sawrock's Non-Serious Suggestion Thread
animation regalia regalia

allows you to make custom animation seeds for use on animation regalia

1000.5 asagos
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(08-28-2023, 11:50 PM)Sawrock Wrote: animation regalia regalia

allows you to make custom animation seeds for use on animation regalia

1000.5 asagos

i'll sneak it into the update with the backdoor i have to dev's pc.
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black knight is underpowered and needs a buff

parry pairy: allows you to use more than one parry skill at once

also let you put heavy armor in item slot to shove people into mid-battle
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The real problem with black knights is that chess is supposed to be black vs white and they're only black, so they only have half the power.

New black knight skill: white knight

You can select a specific character to declare as under your protection.

Removes the cooldown on sacrifice, but it can only be used on that person.

You gain a special madness mantra that only triggers when someone says something negative about your protected entity. You can invoke the white wind to verbally defend them.
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New Grand Summoner spell: Polymerization: take all summoned youkai on field by you and combine them so long as there are 7 or more to create the Rainbow Sugaar. Rainbow Sugaar level is cgaracter level and stats are all 80 except aptitude at 0. It has all item slots filled and upgraded fully. Torso is bodyguard, shoes are metal greaves plus, accessories are fang face helm and high mage cape. Weapon is Dragon Claw which scales 120% str and deals akashic magic damage on hit equal to twice Rainbow Sugaars level. It has 100% base crit 120% accuracy and 30 power. Its base movement is 8 tiles and it counts as floating. It has 15% omnires but is weak to damage by ice or any dragon remains weapon or Papilions by 25%.
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