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Black Beast Spawn Rates
So, to put it simply. The new additions to the maps are great and appreciated.
BUT. It very much makes Black Beast attacks in Tannis and Dormeho a chore. The beasts spawn in all sections, including the cave in Tannis Residential, even, and requires you to scour the maps looking for any beasts.

And if there are many defending? Well, good luck finding any beasts. It becomes difficult to ever find a pack to clear, and you're stuck wandering aimlessly. This felt like an issue even BEFORE new maps were added.
And so, I'd suggest the Beast spawn rates be upped to compensate for the many new maps, that way it makes the defense of the two spots much less frustrating, and requires far less scouring map after map trying to catch a few beasts.
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Can confirm. Moved multiple screens in Tannis Residential / Tannis without seeing a single beast /w approximately 4 parties doing clearing (We killed something like 32. Was off peak hours.)

We currently have too much space and too few spawns to fill it. God help you if you're in Dormeho with its FOUR zones to cover.

Dev sama plz.
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I'd like an uptick in their spawn rate. To frag more.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Yes please. Beasts being an issue to find is a big downer with them being so scattered.
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Yes, please.
[Image: ZwZQKR6.png]
I've increased the upper limit of active beasts to 15 and increased the spawn per minute to 8 (from 4).
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