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Request for some increase to the faceicon file size limit
I don't know if it's just a 'me' issue, but I often find myself struggling to fit in my DMI faceicon file even with Tier 2 Patron. I'll admit that I like having a lot of faceicons for variety, because I use more than just "the ten faceicons" more often than I originally expect myself to. 
I'd like to see if it's possible to increase the default file size limit for faceicons, even if just some, and to see if more people are having similar issues working around the limit when they want to have a varied array of faceicons. I don't know about giving an exact size limit because I'm not sure what ranges would be harmful to the game.
If I were to throw out a wild guess, I'd say maybe bumping it to a base 300kb or something like that would be very handy. It's a bit too frustrating to jump through a lot of compression hoops from websites such as tinyPNG, compress-or-die and waifu2X to fit in a DMI with the variety you'd like.
So I wanted to see if this would be possible at all!
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An increase in allowed DMI size for faceicons would be handy. While I admit, there is probably an upper limit for having too many FIs, compressing can make a lot of FIs a bit poor quality. If possible, an increase in size would be nice.
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I am constantly out of FI space even after compression and have to make sacrifices on my DMI's or categorize my DMI's into multiple different ones that I swap on the fly. Having a higher limit would be a huge boon to me and to be honest I'd even be willing to pay a higher Patrion tier for it I love FI's.
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I will pay Tier 3 Patreon if I must...
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I share many of the sentiments here, so I don't think there's any need for elaboration from me. Yes, please.
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You know what feels worse? Compressing a HQ icon file into trash and the end result be 251kbs.

This is such a kick in the jewels that not even the new Dodger passive for Rogue can avoid it.

Can we get 300kb for normies and 325kbs for patrions (so they're not p2rp)?
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I'd appreciate any increase to the FI size tbh. I am all for this.
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