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Toggle for Razing Salamander/Kraken's Sigh.
Due to the math behind the weapon's unique mechanic causing it to almost always do less damage than your actual attacks, the UL effects for these bows can be an outright hinderance most of the time.

I'd like to request it become a toggleable passive, so that rangers using these weapons aren't gambling with fate all the time.
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It's not just the loss in damage, but they also negate the possibility of generating crit momentum on that attack from last I checked which can ruin a ranger's day for them being often so basic attack reliant. The upgrade effect is such an active hindrance that it's not unheard of to leave it unupgraded, which is pretty backwards logic for what's supposed to be a beneficial effect.
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please, god.

Let my ranger dual wielding razing salamander/kraken's sigh not horrifically screwed over by rng. As much as I love the visual for it, it's just outright bad for you to have them proc.
At the very least, I believe that landing the RNG chance should be more of a benefit than a loss, increasing the damage to be greater than a regular basic attack would assist in that regard.
[Image: ZwZQKR6.png]
Perhaps....we need to change them a bit. the rng attack should still have the chance to crit, factor guile, and all around be better than a normal basic attack.
I think tweaking it, over toggling it, would be more preferable.

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