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Individual Leave Battle/Escape
One person decides that their life is more important than this fight or something happens that caused them to adjust their priorities, except the only way out is if the party also run along with them or the battle to come to a conclusion.

So... pretty please?
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Yeah good point. There will allways be people that will crack under the pressure and try to bail out of a fight, and if there is someone else for enemy to aim at, the better
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I think that's meant more literally, like someone having to go off a fight OOCly because we all have lives outside of haha rp videogame.

Even if I'm wrong on intent, that alone would save a lot of time in Eventmin events, being able to tag in and out of fights.
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As long as there’s a rule to prevent tag outs being used like party revives/having more than four people on a team (in general RP scenarios).
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(01-06-2022, 04:08 PM)Sawrock Wrote: As long as there’s a rule to prevent tag outs being used like party revives/having more than four people on a team (in general RP scenarios).
Ganking people with X backup teammates intensifies
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Overall this would open up a lot more mechanical versatility in individual retreats which I'm all for in terms of rp/event purposes. I'm pretty sure the flee rules could be slightly adjusted in order to explicitly disallow tag-ins in character conflicts if that's an issue. Another use of this for events specifically is for raid bosses where parties rotate to fight, so we can potentially create a continuous battle without having the battle "soft reset" per swap (meaning the prior team's debuffs and the boss's buffs stay in effect without having to go through the pain of manually reapplying.)

Though not quite as preferable as the former idea, another option is just allowing GMs/event staff a means to manually eject a person from the fight if the character ic'ly retreats or needs to leave an event battle for ooc reasons without having to reboot the entire fight.
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I didn't think this far ahead when I suggested the ability to tag out of battles, if only so that there is a way out when OOC stuff comes up or that their character suddenly decides that they don't want to be standing in one of the 2 parties about to go ham on each other. Eh, I suppose this can help those that would like to 'switch' between parties in event PvPs too. A rule to abuse tagging out works too, I can see how unfair it can be in general RP scenario.

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