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A Long-Due Apology
I'm going to try to be concise with this post because I don't want to waste your time by attempting to explain or excuse my actions that happened a few months ago. If you're wanting a full explanation, or try to get why I did it or just discuss the entire scenario, I guess you could always DM me at Hoot#1195, but I'll get on with the post itself from here on out.

I want to apologize publicly to the people I wrongly attempted to put in a bad light. They didn't deserve it at all, and I was clearly in the wrong for doing it back then, and am still in the wrong and don't expect anyone to really forgive me for it. If they choose to, eventually, that's great, but I personally feel like I need to work or atone for this sort of thing. My attempts to manipulate people into siding for me were clear as day, looking back on it, and as much as I hate that it happened, I know it did. Whether or not it was subliminal or not doesn't change the fact that it happened, and that I deserved the punishment I got for it.

I want to also apologize for revealing information I really shouldn't have. I admit that this was a moment of weakness and that I didn't mean any harm, but I understand now that it was a really dickhead thing of me to do as a reaction of sorts, and it clearly did harm people despite my original thoughts on it. I want to go on and say I don't want to be calling out anyone in specific in this post, because I really have done enough of that and I'm sure it's obvious enough anyway who I'm talking about, and those that know, should know with ease.

Next, I want to apologize for the reactions I've had with my character's death. I understand that it was entirely in my own doing that they died, and that I shouldn't have taken it out on anyone, let alone the person who would've given me a chance to let them survive. I was a complete asshole to them in spite of their attempts to mitigate the situation and comfort me, and that's all on me. I'm a naturally stressed out person, but that doesn't give me an excuse nor a reason to take it out on other people.

Then,I want to apologize for my behavior in general. I'm a very stressful person to interact with at times, and can be very focused on one thing. I can also be obsessive to the point of discomfort for many people, and I understand that as well. I've attempted to work on it through taking a long, long break from SL2 and its community. It's obvious that I missed this place, though, due to me returning despite wanting to have left for longer. I'm not a stable person, by a longshot, but again, this doesn't excuse anything. If someone wants to talk to me over this, I'll do my best to be as transparent as I possibly can.

As a last note, and last apology, I want to say I'm sorry for vanishing soon after the entire thing was revealed and everything fell apart for me. It was wrong of me to do so, and I'm sure it caused some people to worry, not to mention it being just a generally cowardly thing to do. I'm back for now, and I want to atone for what I can. I'm sorry it took me this long to make this post, as well. I had to work up the guts, if you get what I mean. Nonetheless, I wanted to do more than just sit there and try to go on with life. I don't want to pretend like this never happened.

Thanks for reading through this post, and I hope you have a good day.
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While it's unlikely things between us will go back to how they were, I am glad that you recognize what you did was wrong, and that you're working on yourself. It is sad things played out the way it did, I am at the least hopeful that you'll have fun on SL2, and that it'll be a more pleasant experience.

Regardless of my personal feelings at the time of everything or any reservations I could have, you deserve the freedom to enjoy your hobby independent of what's happened in the past.

I appreciate you apologizing.
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