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Korvara Playerbase Division Concern
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Here's your theory, batman. Now give me a moment.

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Iunno. I feel like an application process for characters to come over to Korvara with a forced wipe of that character would make a lot of people just... Not.

It would have to be an established character with a reason to want to leave and find a new life. Of those, very few actually apply. Of those, very few players would probably want to nuke their bank accounts and gamble on not being able to RP on Sigrogana in case there are important events and stuff. I'd honestly struggle to think of many besides Shujin and a few other characters with a criminal past.

As far as playing it by ear and letting things happen gradually or over a long time goes, though, an application process would allow that to happen but with some exceptions or scrutiny over earlier cases. I don't see any reason why someone in Shujin's case shouldn't be allowed that, and I'm usually the kind of person that begs for consistency with rulings and rules.

(02-06-2022, 08:26 PM)Skullcatrons Wrote: [Image: unknown.png]

As long as you stay out of random guild discords, this game isn't nearly that toxic. If you do go into random guild discords then you just gotta ignore everything that isn't an announcement. I can't think of anyone actually having a strong opinion about any of the characters that would want to half-suicide into Korvara whose opinions should be observed with any amount of actual concern or consideration, though, but maybe I'm wrong and everyone's gonna wanna ship their every character to Korvara.
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I much actually prefer the appeal of a pseudo-wipe, and think that everyone starting new characters will add a bit of charm to the landscape, at least if only a little bit temporary, and I personally would not want to bring any of my other characters over, unless I figure it makes sense somehow.
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I think making a strict plan of how long it should be closed will realistically not work, because no one knows how the RP there will progress, how characters actually progress there right now, Pinny is pretty right about that. If it flops it might as well open earlier, and if people actually enjoy it and its flowing it might as well stay closed for aslong as it takes.

Back and forth jumping should certainly not be allowed either, untill the border actually open. so if something like an early transfer is allowed, you should definetly stick to that decision for the time it takes.
I certainly would enjoy the fresh world feel OOCly, just taking the chars lore and add on it in the new world sound like alot of fun and adds the sense of wonder again since I even OOCly know jackshit! That be amazing. I half expect to run into a Saw Character again and relive the old bloeden times in a new setting!
I am really not attached to my stats or bank account and gladly leave them behind for a new experience. Though I kinda expect it works like every other new character you make. You "create" a new one, and just give them the paintjob of your old, right? the actual account would remain with a new paintjob behind in SIgrogana. Or atleast thats how I expect things to actually turn out.
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(02-06-2022, 03:08 PM)Snake Wrote: "Why not bring back Growths, since that was the bane of minmaxers?"
Idk man, minmaxers seem to have a lot of time and dedication. Before the first GR, we had dumb strong people who spent so friggin much time rerolling. The current system is more accessible to others, since, if someone is really strong, you could just copy their build pretty much (you'd have to know their build but still, you grind for ages to achieve that kind of power)
(02-06-2022, 03:08 PM)Snake Wrote: Or alternatively, take a month to fix the game's uneven balance and broken mechanics before launching Korvara. Unfortunately, I'm petty enough to accept the irredeemable trade of "new and innovative things" for "fixing what is currently broken".

Like Protect. :pensive:
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