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Noble House Request (Oniga)
I desire to create a minor noble house of samurai in Oniga, with permission to let them grow into a larger and established clan as achievements of those within the clan mount in-game, and gains consolidated. There is a chance it will not grow at all, but I decided to seek permission anyway.

Sigil: The Kamon of the clan is a tsuka handguard from a bird’s eye view, with sakura branches in the shape of antlers traveling up on either side of the blade opening in the guard, in a circle. Golden chains are woven between the antler/branches, with the kanjis of ‘Pure Samurai’ resting in the center of the kamon.

Colors: Dusty Brown, Bright Pink, and Gold.
The brown of the sakura branches and deer fur make up the bulk of their color scheme, with gold and pink accents to represent a gilded flower.

Heirloom: The Last Guard
A Tsuka handguard from a blade used in a significant engagement in the house’s early history. Legend says a beautiful blade adorned with a golden handguard was utilized by the son of the family’s founder, who died in the battle. Most of the blade was lost and destroyed, but the tsuka remained intact. It is now passed down from lord to lord, only their death bidding them to part with it- the Jodo believing the fighting spirit of each lord rests within.

Size: Small.
The Jodo have always been a smaller clan, but the war decimated their numbers, due to their love of the frontline. There are only six samurai remaining, not including the lord and a handful of servants. One of these samurai is even a foreigner. The clan remains semi open to those worthy, for the sake of increasing their size. Though foreigners are highly scrutinized, and typically encouraged to marry into the clan.

Stronghold: A small, abandoned temple complex converted into a dojo and barracks. This estate serves the clan fine, due to their small size. There is a head house, which includes the treasury of the clan and the dwellings of the lord. There is likewise the barracks and training centers, with a small space in the dojo for worship. There is one garden, and room for nothing else.

Values: The Jodo are infamous for their straightforwardness, and battle-oriented rhetoric. Holding honor and integrity as chief values, stealth tactics and underhanded means of combat are outright not permitted. The Jodo seek to establish themselves as a shining example atop the hill, to inspire the same courage throughout the warrior caste. Though small, they are often seen in most major engagements, and fighting with a ferocity akin to a force of nature. Always offering what samurai they can for a fight, to carve out their legacy. What they lack in numbers, they make up for in prowess and discipline.

The Jodo historically treated their enemies with reverence and respect, but are likewise known to utilize fear tactics. Anything, most any weapon, is permitted so long as it is utilized against an enemy that sees it coming. There is a saying about the family, claiming that ‘A hungry Jodo wouldn’t even sneak up on a boar’, joking(?) that a Jodo samurai would try to melee charge during a hunt. Though they are far from blindly courageous or reckless, and follow a deeply spiritual doctrine and worship the gods with great reverence and Zen. Believing prowess in combat is the best way to grant an enemy mercy, swiftly ending their life with discipline.

Notable Members: 
Lord Jodo. A young man currently heading the clan, known for his seriousness despite his age (about 16-17), yet still acts his age time to time, treating his clan more like family.
Torah Cais. A foreigner who had joined the clan when she was younger, unable to enter any other samurai house. Distinguished herself via her mercenary efforts overseas, and is known for her battle-hardened mentality and tribal roots.
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You don't actually need to app to make and lead custom minor noble houses unless there's something special you want to do as a vassal house to an important major noble house.

I would say if you intend to make them grow larger and more powerful IC'ly-wise you would very likely need public support from the community to be recognized. Meaning; You can't just do a bunch of private events doing amazing deeds and then immediately being at the top of noble houses when other players haven't really witnessed those deeds if that makes sense.

So feel free to go through with making all this.
Guidelines: Playing a character affiliated with noble houses
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Sweet! And no, it `all` would assume public opinion and fame was notable enough to be considered 'lorge'. I merely was unsure if you needed any special permission besides that.
Yep, I specifically asked Deja here to run this through as an app, so that all bases are double checked and covered for the case of future advancements/growth/etcetera. To ensure that this can serve as a pretty iron-clad building block from which to start.
In essence, an official thumbs up of being lore friendly and a-ok to grow.

That being said, it all looks good to me, too.

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