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[Korvara] Words, and Name Change
Given that Korvara is completely different place. Isolated from the world for over two centuries [Duyuei was founded around 235~ years ago]

But for two centuries of isolation. Names usually used to label races, and monsters are very much the same [minus new additions], despite Sigrogana and Korvara be completely different place. Should it be a ongoing process to try and change the names of magic. Especially since magic are usually based on gods (Huggessoan), or other pretexts. But assuming that Korvara would give them a whole different name. It would differentiate the two more, despite being exactly on same planet..

So what ya say, gamers. What would you name? 
[I've only five minutes to make this thread. I can't suggest of names.. Go do it yourself :gun:]
I like the most widely-known ones for some of the classes, those being:
Kensei = Wastelander
Hexer = Grimweaver
Priest = Gleamweaver
Ghost = Mirage

Gleamweaver and Grimweaver just have such nice rings to them, and gives them some more... man I don't even know the words.

Personally, I like just making up my own words for stuff too, n it feels really liberating to be able to NOT call my character a "redtail". Given the Japanese-themed character I ended up making (because woohoo! Weeaboo!), I tend to have some more Japanese centric names for stuff.
Kensei is "Samurai", Void Assassin is "Ninja" (or just "Assassin", depending on context), Priest & Lanternbearer are "Kannushi" if they're acting under any sort of 'god' rather than just light/element mages, Summoner by any name is "Spiritcaller", stuff like that. It's actually kinda hard to think of good names for classes and stuff, so I can kind-of imagine people just not calling them by their class names either...
Of course races are super easy, at least when it comes to the animals. Kitsune, nekomata, inu, tori... but it's also kinda just more understandable to call them "dogboy" "catgirl" "animal fucker", w/e...

Though in magic, it's just kinda... the -mancy names. It's kind-of the most obvious choice and are super common - even people in Sigrogana still use them sometimes, because other than Huggessoa and Mercala it's... kinda a toss job trying to remember the primordial element gods.
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I think a name that's been commonly used to refer to the Colored Memory Stones is 'Memorite', too. However, this only shows how much some classes and ordeals need to be more 'generalized', rather than revolve around one single theme.
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I mean Sl2 player never really played into the main roles anyway and just kinda winged what fit them most, which is fine.

Meiaquar for example has however specific names for their classes, and alittle lore to them, I find that very cool.

Else Kaleansian ar eprobably easiest called "beastkin" as Kalensian obviously makes no sense without Kalensia.

Iahsus I am still a bit confused about.
Well, 'Kae-Lensian' kinda means 'golden eyes' in a sense.
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
oh I didn't know thats what it meant translated. I kinda remembered it being a place in Egwyn or some shit.

now the only question is if the culture would name them after their eyes rather that their animal features.

but thanks for that info!
Way back when all the leads and advisors did a 'class origins and naming' doc where most of that stuff was decided. You should be able to find a lot of that stuff in the proper lore docs now, minus Telegrads.

Frozen IS Telegrad lead now though, so you can probably get those slapped in there when the Duke role is LESS BUSY.
I agree on Magic Gunner being Spellshot.
OOC Devourer Of Souls: it makes me feel like someone slipped me acid laced water
Engineer being a Tinker or Artificer, Magic Gunner could be spellshot or just Gunslinger depending on how you wanna follow that.. least for what Meiaquar got listed on their lore one, they got a few under that, Void Assassin could be Ninja, Assassin, or Shadow Dancer, Ranger kinda fills in it own.. Black Knight can just be soldiers, Knights, Mercenaries, Monk is Puglist.. Evoker are (insert Element here)mancers.. that all I can think of off the top of my head

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