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SL2 - Version 2.62
Map Adjusments
  • - Consensually added interiors, and slightly changed exterior, of a certain location. (Courtesy of Autumn.)
  • - The Duyuei library now has an upstairs. (Courtesy of Appo.)
  • - A small hidden area in Duyuei has been added. (Courtesy of Appo.)
  • - The surprisingly spacious and clean graveyard manor in Telegrad-Meiaquar Highway has been re-opened. (Courtesy of Slydria.)
- New Preference Setting; Resource Distribution - can be set to Random (default) or Gatherer, setting is based on the party's leader, and changes the way items are gathered at non-daily resource nodes. If Random, the gathered item will be given to a random party member. If Gatherer, the person who initiated the gather will receive the item. (As you might guess, this is intended to be a way for people in parties to fairly distribute resource nodes, if they desire.)
- New (Experimental) Preference Setting; Area Transition. While on (default), a short fade-to-and-from-black effect plays when transitioning between rooms and areas.
- Increased maximum Guild member size to 100.
- Added an animation to the typing bubble that plays when someone sends a message via the IC talk channels.
- Added a ladder in Meiaquar as a shortcut to the waterways.
- Added a few more spawn locations to Korvara battlefield maps to prevent units from being stacked up when mercenaries are used.
- Metal Bucklers can now be bought at various shops in Korvara.
- Boss encounters in Korvara now come with a number of extra enemies based on your party size.
- Boss enemies are now immune to Stun.
- Ice Palace monsters now have some SAN and FAI to give them more than 0 status resist.
- Geladyne now has Enchanting craft tables in the blacksmith and general stores.
- Say/emote range increased to 14 tiles (old Shout range). Shout/lemote/preach range increased to 18 tiles.
- Monster mercenaries have received some behavior changes.
  • - HP/FP totals carry over between battles.
  • - Master's food HP/FP regen applies to them.
  • - Capable of gaining XP and leveling up.
  • - Maximum level of 60.
  • Stealth Traps - Traps made invisible by this skill will now show up to the placer.
  • Jetpack - Sped up movement animation slightly and fixed the visual effect.
  • Rest Beat - Now classified as a movement skill. Status effect cleanse changed to 1 per 2 Tempo (from 1 per 1 Tempo).
  • Quaking Tap - Now only affects enemies within 7 Range. Earth ATK ratio change to 100% + 20% per Rank (from 100% + 25% per Rank.)
  • Idol Step - If Idol Step hits the same target more than once, the damage and healing they take is reduced by 50%.
  • Order skills - Max rank changed to 3. (Base FP cost/scaling/etc changed to old Rank 3 cost.) Added skill info help link.
  • Assault Order - Extra damage bonus from Tome weapons changed to be Tome weapon Power or 50% Scaled GUI, whichever is higher.
  • Guard Order - Extra HP recovery bonus from Tome weapons changed to be Tome weapon Power or 50% Scaled GUI, whichever is higher.
  • Cast Order - No longer reduces FP costs of spells; now increases damage of the next Offensive category spell, similar to Assault Order. Extra damage bonus from Tome weapons changed to be Tome weapon Power or 50% Scaled GUI, whichever is higher.

Formation skills;
  •   - Max rank changed to 1.
  •     - FP cost changed to 10.
  •     - Effect scaling/etc changed to match old Rank 5.
  •     - Maximum Range is now increased by 1 per 15 Scaled GUI.
  •     - Added skill info help link.
Arcane Formation:
  • - Effect changed to reduce FP costs of spells and Incantation protection by 25% (per ally).

Tactician Spells: Max Rank changed to 3. (FP, SWA, Elem ATK scaling at max Rank at the same. A few effects that scaled based on Rank were adjusted for this, but are functionally the same at max Rank as they were previously.)
[*]Frigid Formation: Base FP cost changed to 26.

Void Assassin
  • Impure Element - Now its self-damage effect triggers after using any skill that benefits from the current Elemental ATK bonus. (Instead of any spell. Specifically, if the skill used has elemental ATK scaling of that type.)
  • Embrace (Lilu) - FP cost increase per level changed to 0.2 (from 0.4). Range increased by 8 and now teleports to the target if used by Lilu. Now attempts to apply the Grapple skill instead of Immobile. (success rate if target is charmed by the user is still 100%; otherwise uses monster formula of 25 + level).
  • Gigantys - No longer has a hit penalty based on its Weight.
- Fixed a bug where Frost Tyrants had a few stray pixels in their icon.
- Fixed a bug where monsters in Ice Palace could escape into the void.
- Fixed a bug where emote bubbles didn't follow the character while moving.
- Fixed a bug where the windows in Castle Geladyne were open during the night.
- Fixed a bug where the Premier's Throne was offset oddly.
- Fixed a bug where multiple recipe cards could be dropped from a single chest (again).
- Fixed a bug where while in Total Control, Grindylows could use Ice Spike without being Burrowed.
- Fixed a bug where non-trade versions of Chimeric Eyes could be found in chests (again). Subsequently added normal Chimeric Eyes to the craft drop table, as they were not included before. (As a reminder, you can still use both versions of Chimeric Eyes at the same time to unlock a potential.)
- Fixed a bug where the stat distribution screen would show incorrect 'preview stats' in the following conditions: when a skill which modified stats was active; when in possession of a memory shard that modified HP or FP.
- Fixed a bug where the HP/FP total shown on the party UI wasn't updated after stat points were distributed.
- Fixed a bug where logging out inside of a new dungeon and then deleting that character could lead to unintended behavior.
- Fixed a bug where Beat It could be used in PVP battles.
- Fixed a bug where skill damage could trigger Battle Spirits's FP Recovery.
- Fixed a bug where you could spam close NPC dialogue to trigger multiple parting messages.
- Fixed the OCD of Geladyne characters.
- Fixed a bug where some of the open dungeon/caves would think you entered them, when you really didn't.
- Various other bug fixes.

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