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Terra Flamma Battle Positions

Since this isn't a bug I'm making this a suggestion.

Please make the battle positions for Terra Flamma more uniform in that Team 1 starts on the western side of the map and Team 2 starts on the eastern side of the map.

Right now there appears to be no uniformity in the spawn positions of Team 1 and Team 2, both teams spawning haphazardly across the map and making for strange battle positions unlike any other dungeon where it is expected that each team will spawn at least in the same half of the map within 5-6~ range of each other.
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Same thing with the meteor. That style of map is a little bit annoying for grinding
To expound on the Azure Meteorite, the spawns there are at least biased to put Team 1 north and Team 2 south.

The problem is that the maps are much wider than they are tall, meaning that members of each team are spread out extremely far from one another at times. This is more of a problem for players since it means they can wind up being alone on say, the west side of the map and their team all spawned 10+ tiles away in the eastern side while all of the enemy team popped in on the west.

While this thread is focusing on Terra Flamma's battle positions it's worth keeping in mind for current and future battle maps to have battle positions for each team---at the very least the Player team--be around the same side of the map.

It doesn't make sense ICly if you aren't getting back attacked that you'd wind up surrounded by monsters and isolated when a fight starts.
I second that. I don't like doing it as a Bard or Support-class because we need to waste too many rounds chasing after our peers.
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
Pretty much. It's kind of like the mainland castle dungeon map with the pillar in the middle. Mixing things up is cool occasionally, but some things are just too harsh on the User Experience when you're likely going to be seeing that same map for hours
[Image: image.png]

Can we PLEASE have the two teams split at a more reasonable distance?

Azure Meteorite isn't as much of a problem since at the very least the teams are split between North and South properly.

Terra Flamma has both teams spawning all over the place.

I'd suggest having Terra Flamma's spawns adjusted so that Team 1 spawns on the WEST and Team 2 spawns on the EAST. Simple enough and keeps spawns in line with most other maps that have each team spawn near each other as normal.
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please. pretty please.

id take just having team 1 (players) spawning either west/east together idc how scattered enemy spawns are, it's silly having everyone scatter to the wind.
+1 to this, having it so team spawning on map are a bit clearer would be good, even going into Belseph fight itself and having three people spawn on one spot and than our one team mate appear half way across the other side directly next to the boss is really irritable, same with most maps really on that.

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