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Winter's Nibble (Winter's Bite CD is too much!)
Winter's Bite's 8 round CD is frankly way, way, way too much for what it can do. This move forces you to be within 3 range of someone to negate their absorb, immunity, and resistance to ice. This move does not damage (though it does inflict frostbite which is neat, I guess) and puts you in a spot to receive punishment for DARING to use it.

Considering the fact Winter's Bite only has a duration of 3 rounds? You'd have to constantly reapply it against someone that doesn't like you using ice.

Verglas is strong, but it's not because of Winter's Bite. Please remove or lower the cooldown(preferably remove).
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Remove the cd yes, no reason to have it
Verglas can be a strong class, I get that there were probably complaints towards it, but Winter's Bite arguably was the most fair skill this class had before changing it to have a cooldown effectively equal to making it a once a fight tool, forcing the Verglas to need to get into Winter's Bite range was already such a chore for it to do that it was basically winning you the matchup to get the Verglas into this scenario.

Winter's Bite's small range and lack of damage forces the Verglas into an uncomfortable location where they are required to deal with their opponent and interact with them meaningfully for at least a bit of time, and given its low duration, they would likely desire to stay within that range.
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Verglas does insane damage, removing any ability to have counterplay against them is pretty spooky. They're still able to do about 500 damage in one basic attack. as Verglas/Va. An 8 turn CD does seem a bit excessive, but when i'm consistently seeing verglas slap tanks for 300+ Damage an attack, completely removing the cooldown on winter's bite seems like it could be fairly iffy to me. Most Verglas get in close to begin with, and have plenty of ways to get right next to someone.
Given the hardcounters it has such as a simple install for example, I do not feel its fair to have sucha long CD if at all.

Verglas is still not the highest damage dealer even in ideal conditions.

A verglas is however useless entirely when someone has a simple cleanse potion while running a hard counter ice setup.
The change that I'd like the most is if Winter's Bite lasted longer, like 5 rounds, and upon the afflicted person's defeat the debuff splashed around to enemies within 5 range.

That's the only scenario a 8 round CD would be justifiable.

But now? Nah. It doesn't need a cooldown.
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Hard agree. Winters bite may be the cover all answer to their biggest weakness, but the design of the skill itself still leaves them at a disadvantage when using it without putting it on a huge cooldown too. I can say as much from personal experience.

You’re a full 3m action down just by using it, so if you have to spend another 3m moving into its short range as well it’s arguably not even worth using. You’re a full turn down at that point, it’s like their ice res gave them a free stun on you without even giving you dr for a turn. I personally found that without my opponent misplaying and getting too close or me positioning myself to backflip (or something similar) into winters bite range it wasn’t worth walking up and using even against immunity and absorb because it puts you so far behind. It’s also quite a short window to capitalise on it considering that you’re likely unable to use ice on them at all outside it’s duration, and you’re getting no more than one ice attack off on them the turn that you winters bite if any at all.

TL;DR - the design of winters bite automatically generates heavy disadvantage with momentum and positioning with its design, and doesn’t need a cooldown tacked on to give your opponent something for resisting your element. The act of using the skill with 0 damage and getting into its range is disadvantage enough.
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5 round duration 5 round cooldown. Fair enough. If someone cleanses your winters bite, you can stall for four rounds if they absorb or reflect ice. Or power past a resist.
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just being able to spam 'you no longer resist ice' kinda felt like a middle finger to the folks that did though. maybe the entire concept of the skill needs another looking at. like maybe make it an expensive attack with a shorter cooldown that rolls inflict to do the thing.

or let the verglas build stacks of a status that decreases someone's ice res more and more as it increases in LV before eventually nullifying absorb/immune

idk who else has some ideas?

but i mean, we have two classes for a reason. if someone brings ice res against you and you used BOTH of those classes for ice damage that's kinda on you. (hotswapped scarfs notwithstanding)
That goes both ways.

Wearing a circle Ring, using a install of Yukionna, or things like that are a huge middlefinger to the Verglas. They can not really function against that as 90% of their class is shut down.

If you have to use Winterbite, to even be able to inflict any damage, you are already at a massive disadvantage over the whole fight. Momentum-wise and positioning wise. its also not a cheap skill to use either with 27 FP costs.

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