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Eventmin Application-Logzy
Hello I'm logzy, lolzy, owner of the illustrious sigroganalegend ckey.

You can also call me Andrew, I've been playing for years on and off. During the off times I've spent a lot of time running tables and organizing Adventurer's league 5th edition for a local store, local conventions in florida, and helping out with online conventions during the pandemic. Often I end up with 5-7 people, usually only casually knowing half of them the rest new players at my table, running a "4 hour" adventure for them  (oh boy does it go longer with groups that go rp heavy) or on occasion helping multiple tables playing an Epic keep the timeline of events synced up between them (as an example if the lower level 5-10 table defeats a certain group of enemies it would weaken a fight that the higher level 11-16 table has in the next time slot).

I often see Eventmins being overwhelmed or atleast drained to a lesser degree by the sheer volume of players that turn up to events in korvara, even the more private ones often end up attracting 1-2 full parties of players that may complicate/slow down the event.

I am applying  to assist the event staff in whatever capacity they need as an extra hand at the wheel. I also want to give back to the community for all the years of joy it has and continues to bring me, I feel that by offering to help run and organize events, hopefully allowing them to be completed to satisfaction by the participants in a timely manner.

Not sure if this the correct avenue for this sort of thing, but I've been wanting to apply for over a year now and was just never sure how to make the offer to help out. So here it is, I want to help out and give back to you all.
Unfortunately this is not the right avenue for such- eventmin applications are done via a google forms usually, when the applications are open to the public. There is currently no actively open recruitment to the role, but you could always probably drum up support within the community for one, and maybe GMs/Dev would take notice. From there, though, the application process is different- there will be questions about stuff like what you've done before, your experience, why, what you'd plan to do - if you want to prepare for that day.
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gotcha appo, it just seems to me, from an outsider looking in, that there's a lot of burn out going on with the current event staff and that it may be time for such a drive again. I never applied the last time there was the opportunity, I think it has been years now and I was less active on byond at the time.
That's a conversation I believe the community can have on the matter, but that's better done as a discussion about if that's something we want as a community, rather than the individual hat-in-the-ring stage that comes with actually getting the apps opened.
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Ending 145: Disappointed in Humanity

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