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Gunpowder Crafting
Not sure if this has been asked for before, or if it is even a thing that has been thought of and all but here we go.

I suggest we have some way to make Gunpowder in Alchemy, since we have all the means for making bullets and bombs, it would only make sense to have the ability to craft Gunpowder. 

this mostly comes from how just...rare I've noticed gunpowder to be in Korvara as it seems to only drop randomly from chests(?) and Pale lauders.

if it's because bombs are broken in terms of damage, and this helps to regulate them, then might I suggest bombs requiring more to craft to mitigate it slightly?
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I'd be up for having this, I think gun powder and maybe hidden violets are the two hardest things to find typically.. but for all the things that need gun powder, i'd 100% like the chance to just be able to make atleast gun powder for it.

+1 support pls
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+1 from me. Could maybe make sulfur, charcoal, and saltpeter ingredients for it/new material drops.
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