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Black bolt
Black bolt  should  treat daggers as a valid casting tool. The fact it isn't makes it almost never used these days, and its a really cool skill.
Just completely overshadowed by all the dagger boons in the class and impure element.
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  • Fern
I honestly think the "void mage" part of VA needs a big rework. Give us some cool dark spells that aren't extremely situational and bad. But as it stands, it's just utility, so it makes no sense to require a casting tool for a class that is 100% daggers.
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  • Poruku
At this rate the "Void Mage" part could be moved to Mage and Void Assassin get a cool new gimmick, they can keep void gates though.
I wanna bump this cause I feel like this should happen.
A big problem with VA is that even if there are a bunch of good spells added, they won't really hold a candle to just the good ol' stabby maneuver for the class just because of how much damage a good dagger crit build can dish out. They'd either have to be really versatile (and even more so to be worth the void energy cost, null damage associated with it, etc) or do insane amounts of damage. That said, the spells we have definitely aren't enough to hold up the mage side of VA at all.
VA spells aren't good enough to justify not being compatible with daggers. +1 from me for making them compatible.
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  • PantherPrincess
the children yearn for more interference options
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Blackbolt could probably become get a scaling aoe diamond per 20 void energy

Detogate would be fine as an aoe that can just be cast that gets bonus damage per gate in the aoe
I as well agree that VA spells should be dagger compatible. There isn't really any dark material either to substitute for this and you are left with either arcane enchant (which hinders your scaling tag) or magical photon which isn't everyone's cup of tea.
Void mage part of Void Assassin should become it's own class.

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