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Vampires in Korvara
We don't need a new race for Vampires in Korvara nor Huggessoan Vampires to be enabled, just saying before I get swarmed.

This could be great as a "simple" disease that you can contract while fighting specific mobs or bosses, sort of like how you'd get Porphyritic Hemophilia while fighting Vampires in The Elder Scrolls series. And this disease/injury would become worse over time, increasing its effects but having worse drawbacks on you.

With that idea in mind, here's what I have in mind, keep in mind that those names are all placeholders and numbers may be changed accordingly, my goal is to sell the idea for now.

Hemophilia Disease
Type: Debuff
Duration: Permanent
LV: 0 ~ 100
Cleansable?: No

- Reduces all HP healing by LV.
- Reduces your Light Resistance by LV.
- Increases your Darkness Resistance by LV. (Questionable!)
- Increases Scaled Weapon ATK by 25% of LV. (Questionable!)
- Grants the skill 'Bloodsucking Bite'.
- Grants the skill 'Deadly Claws'.

- Every hour tick, LV will raise by 5.
- Every round in combat will increase the LV by 5.
- Receiving an Injury will increase the LV by 10.
- Being defeated in combat will immediately raise the LV to 100 and revive you with 15% of your maximum HP. Upon being revived the LV cannot be reduced by any means until combat ends.

- It can be cured with an Hemophilia Antidote made from very specific materials which require a lot of investment and Mental Stamina to be refined with multiple Crafting classes having to work together to concoct it, and extracted blood from an infected enemy. (Syringe will need to be made by Metalworker, and equipped in your Item Belt.)

- Once Cured or upon taking the Hemophilia Antidote, you will have a buff that cannot be dispelled which lasts 50 rounds. (You can still manually dispell it by clicking on it. Multiple uses will stack indefinitely, for those dedicated Paladins who refuse being infected out there.)

Bloodsucking Bite
3M, 10 FP, 1 round CD
Targets: Ally/Enemy
Range: 1 range.

Target a Grappled, Immobilized or Confused enemy within 1 range and savagely bite onto them, sucking their blood. Reduces the LV of your Hemophilia Disease equal to the target's Scaled VIT, to a minimum of 0. (This will not cure the debuff, only ease its side-effects.)

There is also an infliction chance (only 25% of your Status Infliction + 50% of Hemophilia Disease LV) that you will afflict them with Hemophilia Disease, and it will start at LV10. Some races, such as Glykin and Homunculi, are immune.

Infected Claws
3M, 10 FP, 4 round CD
Targets: Enemy
Range: 1 range.

Slash at your enemy with blood-made claws, dealing Slash, Darkness and Water physical damage equal to (25% Scaled STR + 25% Dark ATK/Water ATK + 50% Hemophilia Disease LV).

For the next 3 rounds, any attempts at inflicting Hemophilia Disease will have a 50% chance of instant success on the target, and their Status Resistance will be lowered by 15.

Final Considerations and Lore:
- This will not grant IC immortality or longevity. Perhaps it can work for the purposes of stopping your aging if you keep constantly feeding, but that'd be something I would like discussion first.
- The ultimate goal of this is to bring a more grim facet of Vampirism to Korvara without a convoluted lore or gods tied to it.

- This is an infectious disease, which can be spread from both infected monsters, or players.
- Monsters in particular will gain a different Skill called 'Savage Bite', which require no Grapple and only target uninfected allies or enemies.

- The goal is to promote RP towards that, not to give mechanical advantages, so the disadvantage is intended to be very crippling.

- PLEASE HELP ME FLESH THIS OUT BETTER. Do you like it? Do you hate it? I demand your opinion, -now-!
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Just as is I'm comfy with it being in game. It'd make combat scenarios scarier and alter how you approach it! Plus, it'd give people ic reason to hate bloodsuckers again!
OOC Devourer Of Souls: it makes me feel like someone slipped me acid laced water
Gosh yes please, lawd I want this so much!.. It could be fleshed out plenty, sure, but this is an awesome base in my opinion.
A forced vampirism-like mechanic? I'm not sure I'm much of a fan of that if the player has no agency involved in deciding whether they can be infected or not. I kind of figured that's half the point in the original vampirism was a ritual rather than spread via bite but that's kind of just speculation. It just sounds like expensive and incredibly inconvenient pale lauders.
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A forced vampirism-like mechanic? Damn, that's crazy--I ain't think we need this though, not with the way SL operates. If this was a wipe base game, sure.
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Next you'll say we should lose 1% max HP every second you spend in the daylight if at level 100, like people don't spend upwards of 30 minutes just getting ready to initiate a fight.

I know G6 vampires are effectively the most penalizing race to play due to nerfed healing, but this seems poorly thought out and just an annoying resource dump to cure more so than a conflict starter. I can't imagine it'd be very hard to beat someone that can't heal and takes nearly double light damage.

The bite to reduce the downsides requires set-up of a grapple, immobilize, confusion (not charm?). then it requires you to be in 1 range, which isn't something you can easily guarantee unless you've been grappling them since a prior round. Lastly, you must now spend 3m to do what sounds like a basic attack to reduce the ridiculous penalties. Pair this with the fact people will go into fights at level 100 vampirisim essentially 100% of the time. (Hour ticks come every 8 OOC minutes) then it's clear why this isn't balanced conceptually.

Well it has something in common with G6 vampires at least.
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Just reiterating, this is not the final idea, just the idea in general since I hope most have at least read the bold letters on the bottom line.

I'm open to suggestions, as long as it becomes something everyone can agree with. Or at least a majority. Just bringing Vampires over from Mainland to Korvara as a race is not very plausible, so it's thought to be a solution for that.

The vibe I want is indeed, similar to Pale Lauders, but instead of 'heehoo buttworm' memes, I'd want the disease to add to your IC in some form than just some -10% Healing and IC jokes, because treating it is also as trivial and in the bigger game, lauders tend to just be a nuisance rather than a threat.

The cure for "vampirism" could be more accessible similar to Pale Lauders, and perhaps we could say that once you're immune you cannot be infected again. (Or gain a very long immunity to it. Or as I even wrote there, be something you can consume constantly similar to Hikari's Blessing that can stack up infinitely.)
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I like the idea, but the passives of the buff itself are ridiculous and should be much more simple. The skills are also very strange, especially the multi-damage-type claw(?) and the bite that does no damage (from what I can see). I think trying it to a "lvl" is kinda weird. Just make it stage one, stage two, final stage.

There should be a final stage that requires player consent and should be incurable save for gm intervention.

The earlier stages should be easy to cure otherwise it would be a pain in the ass for the average player.

However, I think it would be much more simple and more fun to have that type of LORE exist, and just implement vampires. It's really not that hard. I don't see why korvara vampires can't just have different lore with the same mechanics.
Honestly, while the idea of a mechanical disease having more effects like giving you skills and all is pretty cool, I can't help but feel like that vampire as a whole should be a sidegrade of what you once were, be it human, kael, etc. It's the main issue with vampire as a whole, it being a race that is barely picked not just because of the lore and what you have to follow, but due to the mechanics involved.

I'm unsure on how it could be turned into a sidegrade, but I have some ideas for what was proposed:

Instead of being weak to sunlight or missing out on healing, they could just have a innate fear to fire in general. For example: If a infected is hit by fire or has fire cast near them, they get X level of fear or hesistation(Could, in theory, be reduced by having fire resistance, though it would kind of go against the innate fear aspect of the weakness).

While becoming a vampire can lose you out on your racial skills/resistances, it could promote a change in playstyle(slightly). A innate resistance to poison(MAYBE 50% if we go full Elder Scrolls, if not, 15%), 15% increase in ice resistance, a 15% decrease to fire reistance. These reistances could be changed out to physical damage resistance, like sharp, blunt and pierce(while keeping the slight fire weakness). They could also be more vulnerable to the burn debuff, but be more resistance to the frostbite debuff as well(again, can be changed into resistances to the lingering effects given by phys. attacks).

Biting someone should be your speciality
, so it could become a utility skill more than anything. A 50-25% SWA skill that, upon hitting someone, could restore your HP by X amount, doubling and refunding 2m if it crits, playing into a more savage playstyle if you fight up close and personal. However, there could be a trait that changes the Bloodsucking Bite into a Unlife Tendril, turning into a ranged-exclusive version of this skill that trades the crit effect for a 35% guaranteed scaling and 4-5 range, perhaps?

By becoming a vampire, you could benefit from some IC buffs, too. While being a carrier of this 'curse' could be enough to cause people to hate on you, why not get them jealous? Giving them the ability to heal old scars, wounds, small missing limbs and organs could do just that, maybe even immunity to those pesky lauders.

As time passes, however, another stage could be added onto the disease itself.

[Image: latest.png]

The Nightcrawler stage of the disease. After enjoying the beauty and 'immortality' vampirism gives you, you turn into what the disease deems a fitting host, a monster. Your ability to spread this disease(if the concept of infectability stays as the discussion goes on)gets stronger- It is at it's peak, even. You are the perfect carrier.

At this stage, you could play more into player choice, since it would bring on the broader, more brutal aspects of what it is to have a vampire-creating disease in you. Maybe even some movement skills are given to you, like a long leap, gliding, flying, dashes- You name it.

TLDR: My views of what a vampire should be are that of a perfect carrier of the disease, being only noticed by those with a keen eye(or the pyromaniacs). The disease's objective shouldn't be to shaft you all together, but rather, to make you spread it as efficiently(and brutally) as possible.
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Another homestuck in this hussie of a world.
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The homestuck man is spittin some real spicy stuff.

Make us into monsters.

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