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Skill Points Situation
So I’ve noticed some classes are getting the points touched up. Enough to make them usable/viable outside of raw support. Which is pretty good. I figure I might as well suggest a few that also need this attention as well, given their current state.

Classes that feel like if you don’t have destiny, you can only play them in a niche way due to how heavy on points they are. Classes that needs the 3 points adjustments.

  • Lantern Bearer - 85 points. A class that consists of mostly 5 point burners. This includes both skills and passives. By the time the player gets the passives for the classes, they’re stuck with two offensive skills if they’re lucky.
[Image: image.png]

  • Void Assassin - 103 Points. This class can be played in only two ways. Even then, it’s almost impossible to make it as effective in both give the SHEER amount of points needed to burn through for it to even be functional in the slightest. Due to this, a good portion of the class skills/passives go ignored for what’s mandatory.
[Image: image.png]

  • Engineer - 93 Points. This class is very functional; strong no less, but the problem is that it has only one way to play. You get Grenade Launcher, Jet pack, bots. There aren’t enough points to get more creative stuff without sacrificing anything of importance/mandatory.
[Image: image.png]

  • Hexer - 122 Points. A class that’s rendered to poison and silence spam. A point spread so wide, it forces the class to focus mainly on inflicting either poison or silence and applying the Hex and sometimes Enma’s summons after getting a few passives or just Death Knighting into smaller supports such as Spirit pain, Bloody karma and so on. This turns the class into raw support or ‘I hope I can poison this person’.
[Image: image.png]

  • Mage - 111 Points. Two elements, Blink and mandatory passives. That is all that can be afforded for mage. Getting the other enchantment is almost a dream. God forbid if the player wants three elements.
[Image: image.png]

  • Priest - 89 Points. This is still a very functional class, but due to how many points are being used, there is only one effective build path, thus creating a samey situation. The class does not allow the player to spare much points into getting other skills/spells such as treatment spells or even spells like Divine Judgement without losing effectiveness.
[Image: image.png]

  • Archer - 89 Points. A class that ends up with the same niche layout. Occasionally, pop up with something different but in return, losing important/value skills an Archer needs/requires. While it is mainly for Bow builds as Gunslingers will/more likely can’t use much of the available skills there.
[Image: image.png]

Honorable Mentions
These are classes that are just fine the way they are however built very niche/Samey due to their spread situation.
  • Ghost - 84 Points.
[Image: image.png]
  • Evoker - 87 Points.
[Image: image.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: BAWqB6P.png]
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Yes please, we do need a sweep of this sort.

Honorable mention is arbalest. Not only are the skills point hungry, you have pretty much no options. You play that class exactly one way. Though that is more a problem of arbalest having too few skills
Boxer... Please

For a class meant to be built on options, a non-destiny Boxer is crippled in its choices by the 36 skill points you get to invest.

Decreasing the skill points needed for class skills encourages experimentation which encourages new build paths and viability.
Rather than the total amount of points a class has to spend, I think it's more viable to look at how many points they have to sink into mandatory passives and the like. Having to make choices is good, not getting to make choices because you're spending 20 SP on passives to make your class function isn't.
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I'm very much so with megablues. There's nothing more boring about putting a build together than being able to stare at the board, carve away the skills you won't be able to use, and then realizing you can take everything else. I think Lantern Bearer is the best example of passive-tax, particularly with how eternal flame functions. It should be touched up.

Honestly, I think a lot of the refits that trimmed skill point necessities were a bit much in some ways. If we did see every class get a refit along those lines, it should be accompanied by new core skill options.
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I got a destiny MA boxer and even with the extra 15 SP it's pretty tight. I see why most people use boxer for utility rather than it's actual offensive gameplay.
Then again, Monk is usually better for utility unless you like gambling on geist.
All classes should be reduces or for Archer, the gun stuff be remover and moved to it's own base-class. Seriously sometimes gunand bows should not be the same class as they don't compliment each other AT all.

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