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Sharkfang Necklace
Sharkfang Necklace is an accessory that grants -15% Damage taken from Shark and fish race enemies. This is fine, only it becomes problematic as nobody uses it for the intended reason.

It gives -30% Damage to most Chimera, which is absurd, and this is the only reason its ever used.

Either this needs a big nerf so that Chimera aren't so destroyed by it, OR we should give a similar accessory to all the main races, so every race is hated equally.
-30% Damage from one accesory slot is very not okay, and a few people already stopped wanting to play Chimera because they didn't know it existed at the time when people pulled it out.

It wasn't even on the item list in the wiki. . . I'm adding it now.
All the most reason for Chimeras to not eat every remains.
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[Image: BAWqB6P.png]
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Eh, the item was created at a time when this would only target players, if anyone is serious hot swapping to this against chimera (which I severely doubt in 99% of cases) then it simply will just be adjusted to not be a roughly 28% reduction against chimera, assuming both passives apply at once. There is supposed to be an inherent risk to picking up a bunch of races haphazardly, but not that much of one.
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They are in fact swapping it against Chimera, which caused a few to stop playing them. And they do in fact both apply at once.
The item was also created far before Chimera existed as a race.
Popping a specific shield to get a 10% damage reduction against them is fine. Using an accessory slot for a huge reduction is not fine.
It just doesn't need to stack. Either one or the other, and if both are available, only one takes effect.
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.... maybe I've been preaching about it too much
I did a bit of testing and found out that Sharkfang necklace does not in fact reduce damage from Chimeras.

Tested with an actual player and eventmin made mobs; the only time it actually did apply was when their race was set specifically to shark and not from the Chimera passives. Probably something to bug report, but figured I'd note it for the thread.

Honestly it can stick to a PVE item and I doubt anyone would care or if this is indeed a bug and gets fixed; Kunai's suggestion seems amenable enough.
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It used to work a long while ago. . Huh.
I guess someone else complained about it and Dev fixed it.

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