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Flame Art (Explosion)
Now the Salamandra traits are pretty neat and got me brainstorming cool ideas... unfortunately, Flame Art (Explosion) in practice is underwhelming.

Quote:OOC Salamandra used Fir.
Spatial Ravager takes 92 Fire magical damage. (Fir / Flamberg)
Spatial Ravager takes 6 Fire magical damage. (Fir / Flamberg)

It seems to get hit by both RES and Magic Armor, making it only churn out very small numbers.

I think this is a pretty simple fix though, all that's needed would be to change the damage from the Explosions caused by the trait to protection-ignoring damage.
[Image: 95e2774f19.png]
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I thought it did already. Yeah, I'm all for it.
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: BAWqB6P.png]
This almost seems like a bug report, but if it is indeed intentional it should be changed. Putting a static 25 damage against resistance and magic armor makes it completely useless, especially when enough foresight went into warding off cheese by requiring a damage threshold to trigger it.
Admittedly, I am partially responsible for making Flame Art Explosion weaker, even if my intention was only to prevent things from getting too out of hand with other weapons. I do agree that protection-ignoring damage would make sense in this case, given that you're unlikely to be able to trigger it with any multi-hit attacks anymore in the first place.

Also can we have the same done for Amalgama's Spirit Shot please-
I'll make this protection ignoring.

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