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4th Class Promo Ideas
After a fun discussion with some friends, I decided to come up with some possible 4th promos that would vastly expand the amount of diversity we can take our characters build-wise mechanically. While I know the existing classes need rebalancing, I'd figure that getting these ideas out there might provide some direction that additional promos can go. 

Archer - Hunter (Crossbow class with summonable beast allies that each have unique utility akin to engineer bots)

Curate - Druid (Nature based support/healer with a Earth/Wind magic focus.)

Duelist - Spellblade (Combo fighter whose spell attacks augment their basics and vice versa. Think Red Mage from FFXIV with casting/melee combos)

Mage - Dark Bard (Sound/Dark based magic class that use instrument weapons.)

Martial Artist - Grappler (Grapple and throw based class.)

Rogue - Alchemist (Gains benefits to potion use like how Engi does with bombs. AOE support and debuff potion throws. Maybe makes more use of the sorely underused Acid attack?)

Soldier - Paladin (Tanky warrior but with Mercala on their side. More anti-magic oriented compared to BK than physical. They can also have some sword/spear/axe castable Mercana spells.)

Summoner - Youkai Rider (Summons youkai mounts which grant various benefits when ridden such as increase movement speed, flight, etc. Ridden mounts could potentially be disabled through means such as kd or high amounts of damage.)

Feel free to pitch in ideas or refine what I presented here-
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All seem pretty solid. I think Rogue could get Dark Bard instead, leaving Alchemist to Mage.

Though in regards to Dark Bard itself, I think Dev was also once upon a time in agreement to make Music-oriented combat be its own category and class with its own promos. I think it was 'Bard' -> 'Dark Bard'/'Maestro'/'Dancer', one of the biggest requests in the past.

So, with the slot open, I'd suggest the Rogue's fourth promotion be "Scoundrel". Which uses illegal gadgets to deceive and confuse their enemies, pulling 'trickery' to the next level, such as going invisible for non-player enemies, rendering them completely untargetable, and appearing from such clock-and-dagger approach to backstab them into a Vorpal Strike, being able to use Steal from a distance, able to refill their Pocket Sand when they're knocked down, able to do a 'Low Blow' on enemies to stun them, and after their tools and tricks are wasted (for being a 'once per fight' deal, as logically the enemy would be expecting them), they disengage and utilize handguns, effectively for the rest of combat.

Their gunplay would involve sliding around, shooting and attempting to go for blind spots for advantage.
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The reason I did it that way is due to how mage's high Will stat means they can more easily stack the Sound and Dark ele atk they need, while Alchemist can utilize Rogue's high gui stat for Acid atk for offensive potions (Since remember, there's no luminary for acid/sound).
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Honestly I like the idea of paladin being a curate subclass; it adds some much needed contrast to the current lineup of strictly spellcasting subclasses. There are a number of other unique things you could give to soldier in the place of paladin.
Red Mage in the form of spellbladery as a Duelist promo, here on SL2? Hell yes. Maybe the class could function as its own "Shapeshifter"/"Boxer" role for Duelist, receiving a buff or two when critting and using spells in the same round. Or rather, working your way towards it slowly but surely and increasing Eva/Crit or Magical DR through time when using magic in conjunction with basic attack.

Defensively, maybe offer some magical interaction with Riposte or Eviter?
If I may add my 2 cents. I think most of these Ideas are awesome. I agree that Alchemist could probably go to Mage, I also think Dark Bard should be a promoted class for a new base class. Like Base Bard promotes to Dark Bard (Dark and Sound dps class), Maestro (A support based class, boosting allies stats and other nice perks.)

I think all the other classes you listed are great premises for cool classes.
Hmm, Dark Bard as a new class altogether could work (Though it'd take more work to implement). In the case of what the mage promo could be in that case, perhaps another idea that could work is:

Mage - Artificer (Mage class that utilize spells that inflict physical damage types using different elemental scalings like what you'd see from the artificer tomes or judgement blade.)

To better reiterate why I'd rather not see Alchemist under Mage is for the fact that alchemy itself doesn't always have a magical connotation to it. If alchemist were to be one of the first classes to make a lot of use out of acid atk as an element, it'd make sense that it'd go to one of the base classes that actually builds gui since you can't luminary it, right? (Rogue just seems to fit nice to me since they already can throw daggers, makes sense if they can hurl potions like so).
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A while ago I came up with a full concept for a paladin-esque curate promotion with an anti-magic melee warrior angle. To this day I'd still really like to see something like it. If you decide to read it keep in mind that this class was made up before certain majorly game-changing updates in recent months. It exists in a more conceptual space than ever.
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