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Dodger Adjustment (Rogue)
Two things. Reword this tooltip, and make it so this can be used as a Main Class and Subclass skill, with reduced effectiveness on the latter. Also add a small clickable thingy to let people know what 'Base' means in regards to cap, instead of bloating the tooltip. It'll make this skill more noice overall.

[Image: unknown.png]

Rogues are, without saying, naturals at avoiding things, whether that be the law, or a swift kick to the jewels. Increases your Base Evade. (Halved if Rogue is not Main Class.)

Rank 1: +10 Evade.

Base Stat & Bonus Cap - Hit and Evade bonuses have a cap of +50. Base increases are not affected by those caps.
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
Honestly with what I hear coming up? 5 main class and 2 sub class for the evade numbers. Due to hit and evade being reduced to 1 per point in skill or cel now.
OOC Devourer Of Souls: it makes me feel like someone slipped me acid laced water
10 base evade is just too much, make it 5, and 2-3 if not main class

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